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We don’t know about you but the second that the year turned 2022, our coffee tables were stacked with home décor magazines and we couldn’t stop browsing the internet for the latest interior design trends. Our search for this year’s trending patterns, materials and design styles got us so inspired that we decided to create an interior design forecast ourselves. We teamed up with some of our Atlanta-based designers to give you an inside scoop into what you can expect to see in our model homes this year, as well as what to expect from the interior design world as a whole. It’s time to get out your notepad and pen, and begin planning your 2022 interior design goals.

Bold Colours

“After spending so much time at home the last few years, I feel that a lot of us are tired of the neutral palettes that have been popular for so long. I think 2022 will be full of fun, bold colours that make us feel joyful.”

Pictured: The Roseberry model at Empire Avalon in Caledonia, Ontario.

Mixed Design Styles

“I think the best way to add interest to a room is to mix up the style. Your furniture, art, and finishes should all speak to each other, but they don’t need to perfectly match. Bringing in elements of multiple design styles creates a more curated and timeless look.”

Pictured: The Solstice model at Empire Landings at NoDa in Charlotte, NC.

Grandmillenial, With a Modern Twist

“I can’t get enough of the maximalist, grandmillenial trend. I love the fun throwback patterns, colours, and materials used and I think we’ll see a lot of this mixed with contemporary furniture to make spaces more sophisticated.”

Pictured: The Camden model at Empire Summerwood in Mint Hill, NC.

Use of Texture

“Using textural aspects like jute, leather, crushed velvets, and woven pieces soften the look of the space while still providing visual interest and depth. This trend will definitely continue throughout 2022.”
Pictured: The Burleson model at Empire The Highlands in Porter, TX.

Playful Patterns

“This year, we’ll also see a heavier use of patterns used throughout the home. They can be used on a full scale by adding patterned wallpaper to an accent wall or an entire room, or they can be incorporated more subtly by adding in a patterned rug, drapery, or a few throw pillows as well.”

Pictured: The Ellington floor plan available at Camber Woods in Gastonia, NC.

Warm Tones

“While we use bold and moody colour palettes in the kitchen and throughout our model homes, we’ve been pairing them with neutral colours and warmer wood tones to soften the overall feel. We’re seeing fun colour palettes come into play by accenting with rose or burnt red hues which also provide additional warmth in the home.”

Pictured: The Chandler model at Camber Woods in Gastonia, NC.

Shades of Brown

“We are starting to see a lot more chocolate brown used in textiles and décor — a trend that is likely to continue this year. Pairing warmer hues with more contemporary styles keeps the design from feeling dated.”

Pictured: The Middleton model at Empire The Swift in Atlanta, GA.

Sculptural Furniture and Decor

“Over the past few years, we’ve incorporated the use of sleek, clean line furniture, but now we’re starting to pair it with curved and sculptural furniture to provide a softer and more relaxed feel. You can always rely on curved lines to add a more modern and interesting silhouette to an everyday object.”

Pictured: The Middleton model at Empire The Swift in Atlanta, GA.

Resurgence of Fringe

We are starting to see a resurgence of fringe trim on furniture pieces as well. You can pair fringe detail with a more modern silhouette like a stool and it’ll instantly feel fresh and new.”

Pictured: The Sumac model at Empire Avalon in Caledonia, ON.

Multi-Functional Spaces

“With a lot more people staying in their homes, our interior spaces need to be as flexible as we are. People are being creative with how their spaces can be multifunctional to accommodate their hobbies and interests. The use of rugs and lighting can help establish distinct zones in a multi-functional space.”

Pictured: The Burleson model at Empire The Highlands in Porter, TX.

Potted Plants

“Bringing the outside in with natural greenery can have a positive impact on our mental health and interiors. Not only are potted plants beautiful, but they can also help improve the quality of air in your home. Aloe vera and fig plants are great low maintenance options because they need little watering.”

Pictured: The Honeysuckle model at Empire Avalon in Caledonia, ON.

Fluted Furniture

“Fluted furniture is making a comeback in a modern way. An elegant design element inspired by classical architecture, fluted furniture and accessories will catch your eye with its texture and repetition. There are many different fluted styles out there — narrow flutes will appear more subtle in a space whereas wide and exaggerated flutes will appear bolder.”

Pictured: The Raleigh model at Empire Halcyon in Alpharetta, GA.

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