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Empire is excited to introduce Village Towns, an all new collection of townhomes intentionally crafted with high functionality and smart design. These townhomes offer a low-maintenance and attainable opportunity to live in one of our most celebrated and established communities, with thoughtful elements like garage access, balconies, a covered porch and ground-floor laundry. Read on to hear how these new homes can complement your lifestyle.

Why Buy a Village Town?

If you’re currently renting or living with family, you might be thinking about taking the next steps towards homeownership. “What’s great about the Village Towns is that they’ve been specifically designed to make homeownership more attainable, especially for first-time buyers,” says Jason Shapardanis, Director of Product Architecture at Empire Communities. What’s more is if you don’t immediately plan to move in yourself, our Village Towns are an attractive investment option. You can’t go wrong with considering this townhome collection no matter which scenario pertains to you.


Our available floor plans range from 1,235 – 1,764 sq.ft., with some including a flex space in addition to an open-concept living room and kitchen. The big takeaway here is that every aspect of our new product line has been intentionally designed with lifestyle-driven features — some of which will even help reduce your energy bill. “Since the rear wall and side wall are adjoined to other units, loss of heat to the exterior is significantly reduced,” says Shapardanis.

Make More Time For What Matters

These days, we’re all pressed for time, whether you’re on the go with kids, working hard in your career or prioritizing your well-being and family time. A full life doesn’t leave much time for things like mowing the lawn. With a Village Town, you can bid farewell to the yard maintenance that you loathe so much and welcome a new style of living that allows you to focus on the things that are most important.


When asked about what makes these homes so unique, Shapardanis says, “the townhomes stand out from other homes because they’re virtually maintenance free.” There’s no backyard or front lawn to maintain which means there’s less for you to be responsible for, but there’s still opportunities to enjoy the outdoors in privacy on the home’s two balconies.

Enter the Market with Confidence

“If you’re looking to purchase a home, our new product line offers some of the lowest price points currently being offered in our communities with the goal of making homeownership more attainable,” says Shapardanis. While other homes in similar price points may come with condo fees, the Village Towns do not, making it easier to budget for your goals and expenses.


Our Village Towns are now selling at Avalon in Caledonia. Register now for more information about the release. If you’re interested in some of the other homeownership opportunities we have, explore our communities across Southwestern Ontario.


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