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A trip to the spa is the ultimate way to relax and de-stress, but regular visits can become quite costly. The good news? It isn’t hard to create your own spa-like sanctuary right at home — and you can do it without spending a fortune to achieve a high-end, luxurious look. Check out eight easy updates that go a long way in creating a spa-like ensuite you’ll want to enjoy every day.

1. Use Colours & Textures that Relax & Inspire You

Spas tend to use light, organic palettes to create a calming effect, so use this as a base for your own spa-like ensuite. A white or pale grey paint creates a serene envelope, while soft greens, blues, browns and beiges will warm up the space and keep it from feeling too sterile. And just as colour is key, so too is texture; soft towels and a plush rug underfoot are simple additions that help inspire a soothing setting.

2. Swap Out Store Packaging for Cohesive Dispensers

Spas go out of their way to create a serene environment that’s relaxed and uncluttered, and an easy way to achieve that at home is to swap out pre-packaged soap bottles, shampoos and more for uniform dispensers and holders. Putting your products in consistent containers is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

3. Update Your Bathroom’s “Jewellery”

For an update that instantly ups your bathroom’s wow factor, look to the “jewellery” of the room. Knobs or pulls, faucets, towel bars or shower heads in a contemporary finish and design will all work together to create a big impact.


4. Boost Ambience Through Lighting

Lighting is impactful in every room of the home, and in a bathroom, effective lighting is multi-faceted. During the day, natural lighting should keep the bathroom well-lit, but come the evening, overhead lighting or sconces above the mirror come into play for a softer, more romantic ambience.

5. Use Aromatherapy to Soothe Your Senses

Scent plays a large role in mood, so don’t forget to incorporate relaxing aromas into your space for a spa-like effect. Light scented candles or place an essential oil diffuser on your countertop to create that tranquil atmosphere; lavender and eucalyptus are popular picks for bringing the scent of the spa home.

6. Add in Your Own Soundtrack

We listen to music just about anywhere — so why not cue up some tunes to help us relax while we’re taking a bath as well? Like scent, music can have a positive mood-altering effect, making it a must for a spa-like bathroom experience.

6. Bring Your Bathroom to Life with Greenery

Keeping houseplants in the home has a multitude of benefits, from improving the air quality in our homes, boosting our mood and productivity, and reducing levels of stress and fatigue. All three of these perks fall in line with what we’d want for an at-home spa — and the lush pop of colour they add to our bathrooms is just another bonus.

7. Use a Bath Caddy to Encourage Lounging

Bath caddies do more than introduce an organic element into our bathrooms — this inexpensive accessory is designed to make bath time that much sweeter. Able to hold a candle, book, tablet and yes, a glass of wine, a bath caddy is a must-have to help you soak your cares away.

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