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In the heart of Dellrose, one of Empire’s most established master-planned communities in Houston, TX, Empire has introduced The Bloom Series — a collection of four model homes designed to reflect individuality, functionality, and joy. These homes, conceptualized and brought to life by the talented team at Nancy Rae Interiors, offer a unique living experience for potential homeowners, each featuring distinct design packages from Empire’s Essence collection.

The Inspiration Behind The Bloom Series

The Bloom Series draws inspiration from the world of flowers, aiming to create homes that are not only functional but also evoke a sense of joy. Each home, while distinct in its design, complements the others, much like a harmonious garden. The Hibiscus, a modern neutral home, appeals to a broad audience; the Sunflower introduces pops of color and curated furnishings for an exciting atmosphere; the Orchid, inspired by Texas, embraces deep shades of rust and orange; and the Daisy, with traditional furnishings and a cottage feel, rounds out the series.

Materials, Textures, and Colors

In selecting materials and colors, the design team at Nancy Rae Interiors prioritized performance-grade upholstery fabrics for durability and functionality. Neutral furnishings were chosen to allow for flexibility, ensuring they could be utilized in different model homes, while maintaining individuality through paint colors, pillows, and drapery.

The Design Process

The design process began with collaborative discussions between Nancy Rae Interiors and the Empire team, focusing on community expectations, timelines, and the desired aesthetic. Prioritizing memory points and efficient use of square footage, the design team sought to maximize the potential of each home. All four homes were merchandised to showcase the possibilities within the smaller living spaces, emphasizing the flexibility of the floor plans.


The uniqueness of each home lies in the thoughtful use of flex spaces. From a home office with unique wallpaper to lounge spaces, craft areas, and creative extensions of utility spaces, each home showcases different possibilities. The design team aimed to inspire homeowners by demonstrating how they could optimize every square foot to suit their lifestyle. Memorable kids’ rooms were also crafted to add an element of excitement and personalization.

Unique Selling Features

Beyond the captivating design and thoughtful layouts, The Bloom Series homes at Dellrose come standard with an array of upgraded features and finishes that exemplify luxury and functionality. The kitchens boast stunning Quartz countertops, providing both durability and a touch of sophistication; the living spaces showcase luxury vinyl-plank flooring, offering a blend of elegance and practicality; and the first floor features a four-side brick exterior, not only enhancing the aesthetic appeal, but also ensuring longevity and low maintenance. These upgraded features are not mere additions but integral elements that elevate the living experience, making The Bloom Series a perfect blend of style and substance.

Optimizing Square Footage and Utilizing Space

The standout feature of The Bloom Series is the optimal use of square footage in each home. Whether it’s creating additional functionality through merchandising or designing memorable flex spaces, these homes offer versatility. Families of all sizes can envision a comfortable and spacious living experience, making the most of every corner in these thoughtfully-designed homes.

The Design Packages

Incorporating different Essence collection design packages in each home, The Bloom Series serves as a living showcase of Empire’s design possibilities. Prospective homeowners can walk through these four model homes and witness firsthand how each package transforms the space, creating a unique atmosphere in every room.


Thoughtfully designed to allow for flexibility and personalization, each package within the collection offers a distinct style while providing homeowners with the opportunity to infuse their own preferences seamlessly. This flexibility not only ensures a tailored living experience but also contributes to the efficiency of Empire’s building process.


Interested in learning more about The Bloom Series at Dellrose? Contact Kerrie, our New Home Specialist, at 281-729-5061.


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