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As the creative hub where visions come to life, our skilled design consultants at the Empire Design Centre in Caledonia are the driving force behind transforming houses into personalized spaces. Read on to meet the brilliant minds that can bring your design dreams to life, as well as tips and tricks straight from our consultants to elevate your home’s interiors.

Diana Delory

Meet Diana, a seasoned interior designer with a remarkable career from House and Home magazine to prestigious Toronto-based interior design firms. Diana’s signature style infuses spaces with modern sophistication, skillfully blending traditional elements with a contemporary twist. Every project she takes on reflects her dedication to designing interiors that stand the test of time, resulting in spaces that embody an elegant and contemporary aesthetic.

“Consider adding a fireplace to your home. Whether you prefer a classic design with a mantel or a sleek, contemporary linear gas or electric model, fireplaces make a notable statement and serve as a sought-after amenity that can elevate your property’s resale value. Adding a touch of opulence and refinement, they set your home apart in the competitive real estate landscape, making it a valuable long-term investment while enriching your daily living experience.”

Shawna McAulay

With 5 years of experience in design consulting, Shawna radiates creativity, skillfully translating her talents and ingenuity to bring clients’ visions to life in stunning, functional living spaces. With a passion for injecting a fresh perspective into home design, she creates inviting spaces that resonate with her clients. Her approach is not just about design, but about making homes truly feel like personal havens.

“When designing your kitchen, think about how you intend to use the space. Do you love entertaining or cooking with family? Incorporate options such as a deep upper fridge cabinet, spice rack, or pull-out drawers to maximize functionality. These added features allow for extra storage and easier access to items at the back of your cabinets, making organization and preparation much more convenient.”

Melissa Stabile

Melissa, a 2020 graduate with honours from Ryerson University’s interior design program, crafts captivating and functional spaces. Influenced by her European travels, Melissa seamlessly blends classic and modern elements, infusing personality, character, and dimension into every room.

“The centrepiece of any home is undoubtedly the kitchen, where a significant portion of your time is spent. Within kitchen design, the backsplash holds crucial importance. Not only does it provide an additional chance to enhance the visual appeal and impact of your kitchen, but it also serves a practical function. The tile backsplash acts as a protective barrier, guarding your walls against damage from food, water, and grease.”

Kerri Yarema

Kerri Yarema, an interior design expert since 2009, focuses on low-rise construction and custom homes. Kerri’s intuitive approach connects her authentically with homeowners. Her passion for arts and nature inspire her to integrate cultural and natural elements in design creating a unique and personal spaces.

“Opt for large-format tiles to minimize grout lines and reduce maintenance needs. This choice produces a more seamless and polished look, enhancing the perceived spaciousness of smaller areas.”

Looking for inspiration for your new or current home? Visit the design page of our blog for all the latest styles and trends.



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