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In the fast-paced world we live in, finding moments of peace within our own homes has never been more crucial. One way to achieve this sense of calm is by incorporating cool tones into your home’s interior design, as seen in the Loretto model at Empire Canals in Welland, Ontario. From cool-toned staple pieces to the use of darker metals and natural materials, here are five ways to infuse a sense of cool, calm, and aesthetic into your living space.

1. Cool-Toned Staple Pieces in Each Room

The foundation of any cool-toned interior design lies in the choice of staple pieces. Opt for furniture and decor items in shades of blue, green, and purple to create a serene atmosphere. Consider investing in a cool-toned sofa or accent chairs in hues like burgundy or charcoal grey. Bedding, rugs, and curtains in similar cool shades can be used to tie the look together across different rooms.

2. Darker Metals Incorporated in Furniture

To add depth and sophistication to your cool-toned interior, incorporate darker metals into your furniture selections. Choose pieces with brass, gunmetal, or matte black finishes for a modern and chic look. Darker metal accents can be found in coffee tables, light fixtures, and cabinet hardware, creating a harmonious contrast against the cool colour palette.

3. Mix of Accent Wallpaper and Cool-Toned Paint

Transform your home’s interiors with a mix of accent wallpaper and cool-toned paint for a balance of style and tranquillity. Consider a feature wall with a subtle, nature-inspired wallpaper pattern in shades of grey or blue. Complement this with cool-toned paint for the remaining walls to maintain a cohesive and calming atmosphere. This combination provides visual interest without overwhelming the space.

4. Darker-Toned Natural Materials

To bring a touch of nature into your cool-toned sanctuary, opt for darker-toned natural materials such as stone and wood. Darker wood finishes on furniture or flooring adds depth, while creating a balanced and inviting space. Stone elements in the form of countertops, accent walls, or decor pieces add texture and a timeless aesthetic.

5. Black and Grey Photo Frames

Incorporating black or grey photo frames is a subtle yet effective way to tie together the cool-toned aesthetic in your home. Display family photos or artwork in frames with black or grey finishes to create a cohesive look. This small detail adds a touch of sophistication and serves as a unifying element, making your cool-toned interior feel curated and intentional.

Get the Look

Here are a few pieces to get your cool-toned aesthetic started.

Black Coated Wood Side Table, Maison Corbeil.

Summer Check Wallpaper — Emerald, Spoonflower.

Mary Janet Velvet Sofa — Burgundy, iFurniture.

Angelo Dining Chair — Solstice and Black, Rove Concepts.

Organic Cotton Velvet Window Curtain Panel — Dark Teal, CB2.

Gallery Picture Frame — Soft Black, CB2.

Brody Large Chandelier, JD Lighting.

Chaffins Faux Leather Armchair, Wayfair.

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Images courtesy of: Maison Corbeil (Black Coated Wood Side Table); Spoonflower (Summer Check Wallpaper); iFurniture (Mary Janet Velvet Sofa); Rove Concepts (Angelo Dining Chair); CB2 (Organic Cotton Velvet Window Curtain Panel, Gallery Picture Frame); JD Lighting (Brody Large Chandelier); Wayfair (Chaffins Faux Leather Armchair). 


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