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Whether it’s because the kids have flown the nest or because you’ve simply never quite known what to do with it, many homes have a spare room in them. But with so many possibilities for converting a spare room into a more practical or indulgent space, leaving it empty feels almost criminal. Spare rooms are ripe for repurposing — and here are our top 5 ideas for transforming it into your new favourite space in the house.

Use it as a Home Office or Library

With so many people now working from home, having a dedicated home office space is a luxury, as it makes it easier to be more productive and motivated in a space where you can close the door and concentrate. Work in a few bookshelves to double the space up as a library or reading nook, and give yourself the added bonus of having an eye-catching Zoom background.

Transform it into a Craft Room or Studio

Nurture your passions by transforming a spare room into a craft area, music or artist’s studio (or whatever you’d like!). The lighthearted nature of this space also presents a great opportunity to have a bit of fun with your decor choices, but don’t forget to consider the furnishings, storage needs and lighting you’ll need to ensure that the space is well-equipped to your needs.

Use it as a Workout Room or Yoga Studio

Need a way to let off steam or decompress at home? Creating a home gym can be as simple as buying an exercise bike or treadmill and hanging a television, or as well-equipped as the local gym. Likewise, a yoga room can be brought to life with a workout mat, big, comfortable floor pillows and a soothing palette.

Turn it into a Nursery or Child’s Playroom

If your empty nest is about to become grandma and grandpa’s house, transforming a spare room into a nursery or child’s play area is a wonderful way to show your family you’re happy they’re visiting, and it gives the little ones a place to rest or play that doesn’t disrupt the rest of your household. A crib, trundle or bunk bed and a few baskets stuffed with toys are all you’ll need to make the grandkids excited about their visit.

Repurpose it as a Closet

If you’ve got more clothes than closet space, then transforming an unused room into the ultimate walk-in closet may be the way go. The ability to see everything you own while getting dressed is a luxury, and with space to spare, you may want to consider adding a closet island to store smaller things like scarves, hats and jewellery neatly away.

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