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At Empire, we’re committed to creating communities with intentional spaces that empower our residents to thrive. Empire Phoenix, our condominium in South Etobicoke, is no exception. Located along Lake Ontario’s tranquil waters and backed onto Grand Avenue Park, Phoenix’s location was an intentional choice because of its uniqueness — a middle ground between the suburbs and downtown.


Prior to designing the building’s amenities, our team knew we needed to deliver spaces that would complement the area and residents’ routines. It’s not just about offering a pool, spa or workout room, it’s about crafting an environment where residents can connect, relax and live their best lives. What was the result? A whole new approach to condominium living. Let’s explore the building’s curated amenities, their captivating elements, and the innovative design solutions that set them apart.

1. Seamlessly Integrating Spaces For Dynamic Experiences

The amenities at Empire Phoenix were tailored to complement how residents live, and are versatile and adaptable in nature. Amenities merge with one another in an effortless manner, creating seamless transitions from room to room. Whether you’re hosting an intimate get-together, indulging in a tranquil self-care session, or breaking a sweat in the fitness area, the flow between spaces remains uninterrupted, catering to a spectrum of needs. From the residence’s relaxed lounge and interactive game room to its elegant private dining area and inviting rooftop terrace, Empire Phoenix’s amenities create an atmosphere full of comfort and connection.

2. Designing For Connection and Celebration

With larger living spaces and an appreciation for gathering in mind, Empire Phoenix’s amenities were designed for celebration and connection. Equipped with thoughtful additions like wine fridges, full-sized appliances, and adaptable seating, these spaces encourage residents to extend the feeling of home to loved ones, embrace the spirit of togetherness, share stories, and create lasting memories.

3. The Artistry of Elegance and Harmony

The aesthetics of Empire Phoenix’s amenities align with the residence’s overarching design ethos, resulting in spaces that resonate on both a visual and emotional level. Evoking warmth through wooden hues, industrial subtleties, and hand-selected accents, these elements harmonize into an enchanting composition.


Clever design additions, such as integrated booth arrangements and discreet pocket doors, facilitate seamless expansion of rooms to accommodate larger gatherings, all without the need for cumbersome rearrangements. Emerald green accents grace various spaces, binding together the amenities’ furnishings, artwork, and accessories.

4. Innovations and Thoughtful Solutions

The challenges of creating amenities that are both functional and aesthetic were met with thoughtful solutions. Canadian design team Figure3 designed each space to mirror the comforts of home while facilitating meaningful interactions. From a self-care oasis featuring a rain shower, relaxation zone with a fireplace, and sauna, to a well-equipped gym with a juice and snack bar for post-workout refreshments, the residence caters to all aspects of residents’ lives.


With a connection between the indoor lounge and the outdoor terrace, residents can shift between the indoors to spending moments al fresco with ease. Phoenix’s amenities are social spaces, but also serve as gateways to holistic living. Weaving together function and design, each space empowers residents to create connections, indulge in self-care, and embrace an active life.


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