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When shopping for a new home, one of the top considerations for urban dwellers is having a space that will grow and change as they do. Enter the flex room: able to adapt to a variety of needs and configurations, this multi-purpose space is ideal for those who want several options within the same square footage, or the flexibility to revamp the space as their needs shift. With increasing demand for floor plans with flex space, we thought we’d share the benefits of having a bonus room in your home, and how the ground floor flex space at our Middleton model in our Buckley and Paintbox communities, as well as our Welkin model in our 4Forty4 and Crosby communities, can be customized to serve you best.

The ground floor office at Empire Crosby in West Midtown.

You Can Transform it into a Home Office

With many Atlantans now working from home full-time, having a dedicated space to be productive is essential. Transforming your flex space into a home office is one of the most practical daily uses for a bonus room, offering a quiet place to focus while also establishing clear separation between work and home life. Draw inspiration from the home office at Crosby and convert your flex space into a home office by adding a desk, a few bookshelves, some artwork and filing cabinets for storage.

The home gym at Empire 4Forty4 in Old Fourth Ward. 

You Can Convert it into a Home Gym

No matter what your fitness goals are, having space to workout at home is a great way to get fit without having to dish out for an expensive gym membership. The spacious gym seen in the Middleton model at 4Forty4 is the perfect example of the variety of exercises that can be carried out in this space, from classic sit-ups and lunges to cardio on the treadmill and core tightening on weight-resistant machines. An added benefit to having a home gym on the ground floor is that you won’t have to worry about asking a friend to help you carry bulky fitness equipment up a flight of stairs, which can be dangerous.

This cool craft space by Honey Bear Lane.

You Can Have a Dedicated Space for Your Hobbies

Whether you’ve always wanted an Oscar-worthy movie room to binge-watch your latest Netflix obsessions, a room to craft in, or a cool entertaining hub, flex spaces are ideal to dedicate to your hobbies and interests. There are ample ways to make the most of this multi-purpose space, so don’t feel limited to choosing a sole function; create zones to appeal to the interests of your family.

The colorful homes at Empire Paintbox in Kirkwood.

You Can use it as a Tandem Garage

While your home may only have a single garage door, that doesn’t mean it can only fit one car. There are numerous benefits to owning a home with a garage, and both the Middleton and Welkin models can have their flex spaces configured as a tandem garage for up to two vehicles. The space is also large enough to accomodate other seasonal items, such as a bike, sporting equipment or camping essentials.

To learn more about what sets our homes apart, step inside our modern model at 4Forty4, or discover the benefits of flipping your floor plan with top-floor living.™

Image courtesy of Emily Henderson (kids’ space).


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