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From greenery and furnishings to lighting and colour palettes, we’ve compiled some of our most popular blog posts on entryways and front porches to create a one-stop shop of design tips. Put your design hat on and get ready to curate a home entrance that’ll leave a lasting impression.

1. Easy Front Porch Ideas for Spring

Pictured: The Alpine model at Empire River Reserve

With the arrival of spring, your porch can be as vibrant as the season itself. Explore ways to infuse colour, texture, and natural elements into your porch decor through potted plants, seasonal wreaths, and comfortable seating arrangements.


2. Designer-Worthy Entryway Inspiration For Your Home

Pictured: The Honeysuckle model at Empire Avalon

Uncover design elements that’ll elevate your entryway’s aesthetic. From eccentric lighting fixtures and artistic accents to functional storage solutions, discover how to make a statement while maintaining functionality that’s designer-worthy.

3. Tips for Styling a Condo Entryway

Pictured: Our model home at Rain & Senses

Living in a condominium often requires creative solutions when it comes to designing entryways. Discover how to maximize space, incorporate storage options, create a seamless transition from the building’s exterior to your personal space, and transform your entryway into a stylish and organized space.

4. Big Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Pictured: The Madison model at Royal Oaks Landing

Small entryways and porches can still make a big impact with the right design approach. Learn how to optimize limited square footage by utilizing mirrors, turning to clever lighting techniques, and selecting multifunctional furniture or smart storage solutions. In no time, you’ll create an inviting and spacious area to come home to or welcome guests, regardless of size.

Looking for more design advice? Learn how to light every room in your home and discover how to give your ordinary household items a refresh.


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