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We’ve been creating inspiring new places to live since 1993.


We believe in careful consideration and in strategically making business decisions based on solid rationale and vast experience. Starting in 1993 as a homebuilder but long before as one of Canada’s largest excavating companies, our knowledge of the construction and the development industry runs deep.

After years of slowly growing our footprint we can proudly say that we are in two countries, six regions, 90 communities and have built more than 22,000 homes over the past 25 years. Our team is over 700 employees and we have five regional offices spanning Toronto, Ontario; Houston, Austin and San Antonio, Texas; and Atlanta, Georgia. By growing slowly, we have been able to maintain the family-owned-and-operated feel that’s grounded by our core values. As one of North America’s largest private homebuilders, our goal is to continue to grow, innovate and create some of the best communities to live in.


No two lives are identical; what’s right for you right now will undoubtedly change as life evolves. And while home may mean different things to different people, the underlying narrative never changes: home is more than just a place to store stuff, more than just an address to get the mail and more than a place to retreat to at the end of a long day. Now more than ever, home is a reflection of yourself. It’s where you can create lasting memories, raise a family and feel safe and secure.

At Empire, we understand the importance of creating unique environments for you to be your best. As a homebuilder, we care about more than just the four walls and a door; we build a place for you to create memories, celebrate life and live to the fullest. Whether urban or suburban, in Canada or the US, having a space to call your own shouldn’t be a luxury, it should just be the norm. We never stop learning, testing and trying to be better with every home that we deliver.

The Importance
of Community

The heart and soul of what we do is realized when you visit our communities. At Empire, we embrace the communities we build in and strongly celebrate everything local. We spend time getting to know the small towns or urban neighborhoods we’re new to and seek out the underlying drivers that make these environments special. Understanding that we are newcomers on the block, we spend time getting to know the local people, businesses and culture and do our best to listen, integrate and enhance what’s working.

Where we can help to provide a better quality of life, we do, whether that means helping to build new community amenities, contributing to health or education services or supporting community programs that help to enhance the lives of the people who live in our communities. We realize that the role homebuilders play in creating healthy, happy communities is a big one, and as a result we thrive on being able to make a difference, be it big or small.

Care for
Our Team

At Empire, there’s an underlying feeling of care that runs intentionally throughout the organization. Passion and integrity are present in all facets of the business and are demonstrated through the respect and admiration that our employees have for one another. In a culture that honors innovation and virtue, teams organically push and support one another to continue to achieve and reach new heights every day. From product innovation to how we engage and interact with our homeowners, Empire embraces optimism and positivity.

We recognize how lucky we are to have a hand in shaping the future and treat this responsibility with the utmost respect. This approach is the jumping off point we use to continue to better our best, celebrate our wins and learn from our mistakes. Born out of a love of the craft, our owner’s humble approach and sharp business acumen inspires the next generation in homebuilding excellence.

Care for
The Craft

Empathy is a refined skill. The ability to see through someone else’s lens isn’t always easy. That’s why we start each new project by asking “How would I feel if it was me?” Or, “Where would my family sit for dinner, hang their backpacks, or stash their sports bags? Where would I put my oversized blender or sizeable record collection? Would I use a gym or clubhouse?” By asking these questions, we’re able to carefully examine how to build and create to best serve our markets and be empathetic to those who choose to call our communities home.

This trait goes beyond surface and floor plan design; it also drives us to seek greater efficiency in our buildings and use technology and energy-saving practices to build more sustainable products. After all, we all need a place to live, we’re all part of this earth together and our footprint and what we create matters.


Be part of the hustle and bustle of Atlanta’s city life. Explore our communities to find the one that’s perfect for you today.


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New Home Specialists



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