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Potential buyers will sometimes ask why garages are a standard feature in our new Intown communities. Having a garage is not something most urban dwellers would prioritize as a home benefit, and some buyers would rather transform their garage into living space to maximize their home’s square footage. But there are numerous benefits to owning a home with a private garage, from the long-term advantage of boosting the value of your home, to everyday merits that protect your assets and improve your home’s functionality. We asked Intown sales consultant Chad Donald for the biggest benefits of owning a private garage in Atlanta.

1. Protect Your Car from the Weather

Outside of our homes, vehicles are often the most significant financial investment we’ll make in our lives; the ability to protect this investment is one of the greatest advantages to having a home garage. Extreme weather conditions — from snow and sleet during cooler months, to UV rays and extreme heat in the summertime — can take a toll on your vehicle. By keeping your car stored in the garage, you’re shielding it from the elements and thus extending its life and better maintaining its resale value.


2. Accessibility & Convenience

Have you ever found yourself searching for a parking space near your home, driving around in circles in a parking deck, or repairing dents and scratches caused by another vehicle? These are just some of the inconveniences you’ll experience with street or deck parking — and they’re problems that are easily solved by having a dedicated space for your car.


Not only will you relish the ease of always having a parking spot, but you’ll also reap the benefits of having your vehicle just steps away from your door, meaning you won’t have to carry your groceries far. And on bad winter days, you won’t have to worry about leaving for work a few minutes early to remove the snow or ice from your car.

3. Safety & Security

Even with modern alarm systems integrated into our vehicles, leaving your car parked outside means leaving it exposed to possible theft or vandalism. Keeping your car parked in the garage significantly reduces this risk, and can prevent costly and time-consuming insurance claims as well as the inconvenience of securing a rental during the interim of repairs or a new purchase. You’ll also have greater peace of mind accessing your vehicle from a garage versus outside of your home in a driveway, street or parking garage.

4. Preservation of Curb Appeal

As homeowners, we invest ample time and money into boosting our home’s curb appeal and beautifying the area, but vehicles parked alongside the street or driveway can detract from a property’s appearance. Having your car parked in the garage results in a more tailored community vibe that’ll help bring up the value of the area.

5. You’ll Have Increased Storage Space

You can never have enough storage space in your home, and garages offer ample space to store off-season items, bulky equipment or other pieces that create clutter in your home. Be sure to make use of vertical space to maximize your garage’s storage potential — shelves, cabinets and storage systems can all be found at local hardware stores.

These are just some of the numerous benefits to having a home with a private garage. All of our Intown communities feature either one or two-car garages, so be sure to connect with a member from our team the next time that you visit one of our sales centers to talk more about why a home with a garage is something to consider.


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