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At first glance, the industrial-inspired façade of our newly-completed Empire 4Forty4 model townhome may appear to blend in with the urban surroundings of Old Fourth Ward, but as you open the front door, you’ll quickly realize that the soaring, light-filled space you’ve entered is anything but rugged and raw.


Featuring our highly-coveted Welkin floor plan, this townhome design is centered around the principles of top-floor living, with the most utilized areas of the home set on the highest floor while allocating sleeping space to the lower floors.


“Top-floor living is unique, but more than that, it better reflects how we use and live in our homes today,” says Courtney Rogers, Director of Design at Empire Communities. “We tend to spend most of our time in the kitchen and living room, and this style of living allows you to really capitalize on those spaces. High ceilings, tons of natural light, extended views and more privacy…the benefits go on and on.”


Step Inside Our Designer Townhome at 4Forty4 in Old Fourth Wardimage_block-block_5f622e1970147

We also sat down with Lindsay Wright and Liz Combs, the design experts responsible for bringing this light, bright and airy space to life. The Empire designers let us in on their inspiration, favorite decor elements and what they love most about designing a home with a top-floor plan. 


How would you describe the design style of the Empire 4Forty4 model and how did you bring it to life?

“We used the term ‘sophisticated modern’ when we were planning the design details of this model. We wanted to create high contrast through the use of black and white, but also incorporate natural elements like the wood shelves and woven rug. To create a casual and comfortable space we used pops of green throughout the space for added flair and opted to include a sectional sofa for a relaxed feel while optimizing seating in the family room. It was important to keep a lot of the decor elements light and bright to allow the space to feel larger and more open.”


Step Inside Our Designer Townhome at 4Forty4 in Old Fourth Wardimage_block-block_5f62394d70149

Where did you draw design inspiration from?

“We thought a lot about the homeowner and how they’re looking for a space that’s aesthetically pleasing yet fully functional. We kept the buyer profile in mind throughout our entire design process which inspired our clean lines and modern aesthetic.”


Top-floor living is a key advantage of our Welkin floor plan at 4Forty4. What are some of the benefits of this layout?

“Our favorite design feature of this floor plan is without a doubt the high ceilings and almost floor-to-ceiling windows on the top floor. This allows for unobstructed views of the city and all the natural light you could ask for. There’s also the added bonus of additional privacy on your covered porch by having it elevated to the third floor.”


Step Inside Our Designer Townhome at 4Forty4 in Old Fourth Wardimage_block-block_5f623a84324f8

 Are there any nods to the surrounding Old Fourth Ward community within the model?

“We wanted to tie in the urban feel by using a lot of geometric and abstract art. The area is known for its historic buildings and architecture but has recently seen a large influx of trendy young professionals gravitating towards the area, so the artwork throughout the home gives a nod to the color and creativity that the people of O4W bring to the area.”

Step Inside Our Designer Townhome at 4Forty4 in Old Fourth Wardimage_block-block_5f623d97324fb

Do you have a favorite decor piece or room?

“Our favorite decor piece would be the deconstructed origami art gallery wall across from the kitchen. It really makes a statement and enhances the tall ceilings by drawing your eye upwards.”

Step Inside Our Designer Townhome at 4Forty4 in Old Fourth Wardimage_block-block_5f623dcb324fd

Visit our website and register for more information on our new build and move-in ready townhomes at Empire 4Forty4 from the low $400’s, and to schedule a private tour of the new designer model. 


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