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When we ask most people what they do to keep their mental and physical health in check, working out seems to be the universal answer. But unbeknownst to some, working out is more than just weight training at the gym — depending on the person, working out can mean attending a spin class, kickboxing or taking to the studio to channel your inner yogi. No matter which style of workout you prefer, the Carolinas have classes, studios and gyms that appeal to the masses. Discover 15 of the top places to work out in the Carolinas now.

1. Warlick Family YMCA | Gastonia

The Warlick Family YMCA opened its doors in 2017 to serve the Gastonia community with programs and services for all ages. Spread across a vast 118-acre campus, it features a 60,030 square foot facility, Robinwood Lake, the Sytz Family Trail System, and the Camp Tuscarora village.

2. Spindle City CrossFit | Gastonia

Spindle City CrossFit is a vibrant gym focused on member success and community. They create a supportive, family-like environment where individuals are empowered to reach their full potential through hour-long classes. Breaking down mental barriers, they help members unleash their inner strength, becoming their best selves—both physically and mentally.

3. Deep Well Athletics | Mooresville

Whether you’re a beginner or a true gym fanatic, Deep Well Athletics is dedicated to getting you to where you want to be no matter your level of expertise. Build your muscles, strengthen your core or improve your flexibility. This gym offers complete training for athletes.

4. CorePower Yoga | Charlotte

From hot yoga and meditation sessions to body-sculpt classes, CorePower Yoga has it all. With over 300 in-person and virtual classes to choose from — ranging in duration from 1 minute to 1 hour — you can practice yoga at any moment of the day. The studio blends the best of strength training, heat, basic yoga principles and mindfulness to create a well-rounded workout for members.

5. Core 704 | Charlotte

Core 704 is Charlotte’s go-to pilates studio. Try out their CoreFORMER class — a 50-minute workout on a resistance-based Pilates machine — or the CoreCLIMBER, a 30-minute full-body workout on their resistance-based customized machine. Stick to one or try out both — they’re high-intensity, low-impact workouts.

6. SPENGA | Charlotte

SPENGA is a three-in-one workout destination that combines the three pillars of fitness into one 60-minute group training workout — 20 minutes of spin, 20 minutes of strength training, and 20 minutes of yoga. If you’re the type of person who likes to switch up your workout routine and challenge yourself to new exercises led by expert instructors, visit SPENGA.

7. Orangetheory Fitness | Fort Mill

A HIIT studio, Orangetheory Fitness guarantees maximum results. Their classes are designed to charge your metabolism for a more caloric afterburn, creating great results and even greater confidence. Their workouts consist of rowing, cardio exercises and strength training.

8. The Gym at 214 Main | Fort Mill

If you’re the type of person who enjoys working out at all hours of the day — morning, afternoon and night — then The GYM at 214 Main was made for you. This 24-hour fitness facility offers personal training services, jazzercise classes, and high-end equipment for its members to use.

9. iLoveKickBoxing | Fort Mill

What’s a bag-hitting, adrenaline-pumping workout that anyone can do? Kickboxing. If your workout routine has become old and stale, and you’re looking for challenging new exercises that will give you the results you’re looking for, iLoveKickBoxing is a great place to start.

10. RockBox Fitness | Marvin

How do you stay fit, relieve stress and have a good time all at once? You box — specifically at RockBox Fitness. A combination of boxing moves and functional training that targets every part of the body, it’s here that crushing your fitness goals becomes an exhilarating experience. Learn hundreds of rotating exercises and boxing combos while you burn over 1,000 calories at a time.

11. S3 CrossFit | Marvin

S3 CrossFit’s classes appeal to everyone — the oldest members of your family and the youngest ones too. Improve your stamina and strength, register for their bootcamp or put your skills to the test by taking gymnastics. There’s even a Fit Kids and Fit Teens class to ensure that every member of your family feels their best.

12. Alloy Personal Training | Marvin

If you’re looking for one-on-one personal training, Alloy Personal Training was designed for you. Upon your visit, their team will review your health history with you, injuries, short-term and long-term goals, and lay out a plan of action. You’ll also get to sample their equipment.

13. Waxhaw Yoga | Waxhaw

If you’re looking for a tight-knight community of yogis, Waxhaw Yoga is the place for you. This quaint and neighborly studio offers classes every day of the week, allowing you to move your body and quiet your mind. Register for Vinyasa Flow — a class that focuses on coordinating breath with movement — or Deep Stretch which improves flexibility through long, active holds.

14. Crunch Fitness | Waxhaw

At Crunch Fitness, you get all the benefits of a typical gym plus a spa-like atmosphere to rest and recharge at the end of your workout. Every inch of this fitness facility is filled with the best strength and cardio equipment in the industry, as well as saunas, steam rooms and full-service locker rooms. Enjoy group fitness classes, and their dedicated spin and yoga studios too.

15. Club Pilates | Waxhaw

When you take a class at Club Pilates, you can rest assured that you’re getting the highest quality pilates workouts led by an experienced team of instructors. But it’s more than just reformers that they offer — their studio features a variety of apparatus’ including TRX equipment, Exo Chairs, Bosu balls, mats, rollers and more.

Interested in getting a workout in at home? Check out this must-have workout equipment to invest in. If you have some extra space that you’d like to convert into a home gym, discover these 5 ways to repurpose spare rooms.


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