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If you’ve stumbled upon this article and are new to Empire Communities, welcome! In all likelihood, you are considering purchasing a new home in the Carolinas and want to know more about us as a homebuilder. To help you on your buying journey, we’re sharing what you can expect from the Empire experience when you put your trust in us to build your home.

Perfecting the Homebuying Experience Since 1993

Beginning as a homebuilder in 1993, Empire’s knowledge of the homebuilding industry runs deep. Over the last 30 years, we’ve built more than 32,000 homes for families across Ontario, Canada; Houston, Austin and San Antonio, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; and the Carolinas. As a homebuilder, we care about more than just the four walls and a door; we build a place for you to create memories, celebrate life and live to the fullest.

Our Inspired Living, Your Forever Home

The heart and soul of what we do is realized when you visit one of our communities. As a builder, we embrace the areas we build in and celebrate everything local. We spend a lot of time seeking out the best locations for our homes and strive to build in vibrant neighborhoods where you’ll look forward to planting roots, sending your children to school and turning neighbors into life-long friends.


Where we can help provide a better quality of life, we do — whether that means helping to build new community amenities, contributing to health or education services, or supporting local initiatives that improve the lives of the people who live in our communities. We know the role homebuilders play in creating healthy and happy communities is a big one, and as a result, we thrive on being able to make a difference, big or small.

Helping You on Your Homebuying Journey

At Empire, we’re dedicated to providing you with valuable information and resources to get you feeling empowered and ready to take the next step in your homebuying journey. With our help, you’ll better understand your wants and needs, budget, moving timelines and more. Plus, we’ll help schedule meetings with our sales teams and tours of our model homes to ensure you’re confident, educated and excited about all the possibilities.

Love Design, Live Empire

One of the most exciting parts of purchasing a new home is the design process. The joy of walking into a home where everything is brand new and tailored to your style is a feeling that’s hard to beat. At Empire, our team of design experts is dedicated to making the process of designing your home as seamless as possible. With a curated collection of samples, styles and options to choose from, paired with a digitally-driven design experience, we’ll help you visualize your new home well before it comes to life.

Home Features

Ready to begin your homebuying journey with Empire? Here are just some of the features your home will include:


  • Low-e windows which deflect radiant heat from the sun
  • A woven house wrap, providing moisture protection for a healthier home
  • 10-year structural warranty backed by third-party 2-10 warranty to give you additional piece of mind
  • A Puron HVAC system which emits zero Ozone depleting chemicals, providing a safer option for your family
  • Access to an independent structural engineer who inspects your home after framing to ensure that it’s built to the engineer’s specifications
  • Secure flooring that’s glued down and fastened with ring shank nails and screws to minimize squeaking
  • A quality assurance check 5 days prior to closing to ensure your home is complete and all components are functioning properly
  • 1-month and 11-month walk throughs to inspect your home and make adjustments or corrections that might be needed


Next, discover why you should consider purchasing a townhome and what it’s like moving to Charlotte from another state. If you’re ready to begin your homebuying journey with us, explore our communities across the Carolinas today.


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