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Welcome to Camellia Gardens, where the charm of Harrisburg, NC, meets the epitome of modern living. Nestled in this serene neighborhood are two exceptional model homes — the Redwood and the Madison. Discover the inspiration, design process, and distinctive features that make each home stand out.

Inspiration Behind the Design:

The driving force behind the design of these model homes was to create a distinct look for each. The Madison exudes a masculine and modern vibe, while the Redwood embraces a more feminine and transitional design. From the start of the design process through to the end, the goal of Unscripted Interior Design’s team has been clear — to create distinct identities for each home, ensuring that homeowners find a space that resonates with their unique tastes and preferences.

Design Process:

Crafting two distinct homes requires careful consideration. Instead of adhering to a single design, the Unscripted Interior Design team took a bold approach, opting for a modern and industrial concept for the Madison and a fresh, light, and bright aesthetic for the Redwood.

Unique Features of Each Room:

The Redwood:

  • Kitchen & Breakfast Area: A built-in breakfast banquette provides additional sitting space and a casual dining area.
  • Dining Room: A grand statement is made with ceiling details and slipcovered dining chairs which add softness.
  • Family Room: The mix of materials creates a dynamic space, offering plenty of room for the whole family.
  • Rec Room: A multi-use space with a modular sofa for various activities, from watching TV to hosting game nights.
  • Premier Suite: Tonal trim details on the headboard wall bring a sense of calm.
  • Covered Porch: Extra dining and seating areas for outdoor enjoyment.


To recreate the Redwood’s look, focus on natural materials, stained furniture, and soft upholstered items.

The Madison:

  • Kitchen: Show-stopping countertops with natural movement in quartzite.
  • Dining Room: Defined dining space with an area rug anchoring the table and chairs.
  • Family Room: Modern and masculine aesthetic with dynamic lighting and clean lines.
  • Loft: Playful paint details perfect for a kids’ space.
  • Premier Suite: Sophisticated trim details incorporating art into the headboard wall.
  • Flex Room: Ample storage and natural light create a space ideal for those who work from home.
  • Covered Porch: Perfectly sized for a family lounge set.


To recreate the look, opt for clean lines, a mix of light and dark materials, and black-and-white photos or artwork.

What Stands Out:

The standout feature of both floorplans is their size and open-concept design. The Redwood’s soaring ceilings add a sense of grandeur upon entering, while the second floor in both models allows for versatile usage tailored to homeowners’ needs.

Materials, Textures, and Colors:

In the Redwood, a transitional coastal Americana style prevails with subtle red, white, and blue tones, complemented by natural materials like stained woods and natural fibers. The Madison embraces a modern design with a high-contrast palette, incorporating hints of yellow and abstract artwork.


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