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Aspiring homeowners, are you eagerly awaiting our next home release? Well, it might be time to start preparing. With the level of demand there is for our build-to-order homes, we’ve implemented steps to help manage the process of purchasing a home. In this guide, we’ll explain the essential steps to take before a new sales release to help secure that dream home.

1. Select Your Preferences

We offer a range of plans, elevations, and options to cater to homeowners’ diverse preferences and needs. Before our next sales release, consider which floor plan and elevation you prefer. Review the structural options available and make a list of the must-have features you desire in your future home.

2. Book a Pricing Appointment

Initiate a pricing appointment with one of our Sales Consultants. This step is crucial in understanding the cost implications of your preferred floor plan and any additional structural options you’re interested in. This early engagement ensures that you’re well-informed about the financial aspects related to your potential purchase.

3. Take a Design Studio Preview Tour

A preview tour of our Design Studio is a great way to explore the various design options available to personalize your home. This 90-minute event allows you to visualize the possibilities, ask questions, and make informed decisions once you’ve purchased a home. Don’t miss out on this chance to get a firsthand look at all of the design options that can make your future home uniquely yours.

4. Walk Homesites

Before making an offer, schedule a walk through the homesites with a Sales Consultant. This will provide you with a visual of your new home on its homesite and how it fits in the community. It’s a practical step that ensures your expectations align with the physical space, contributing to a smoother transition once you purchase.

5. Understand Deposit Requirements

Deposit requirements are crucial information for all prospective buyers. Ensure you have a deep understanding of our deposit structure as this will prepare you for the financial commitment required during the offer submission process.

6. Submit an Offer

Once you’ve received an email notifying you of a new release and completed the aforementioned steps, it’s time to submit your offer. Be mindful of the submission deadlines specified via email. In communities with high demand, multiple offers may be reviewed, so ensure your offer stands out by providing all necessary documentation and demonstrating your commitment to the purchase.


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