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One of the perks of city living is the ability to walk to all the best spots — and that couldn’t be more true with a home at Empire Maven. Everything you need is just steps from your front door, allowing you to travel around with ease, and with the nearest subway station just an 11-minute bus ride away, you’ll be able to easily reach your destination of choice. So whether you’re new to the neighbourhood or an Avenue and Lawrence native looking to discover something new, we’ve got you covered. Explore these 10 places that are a short 10-minute walk, or less, from Empire Maven.   

1. Maker Pizza

7-minute walk from Empire Maven


A true Toronto staple, Maker Pizza has solidified themselves as the community’s go-to spot for the best take-out and delivery pizzas. Their larger-than-life creations will most certainly have your mouth watering. Take a short trip down Avenue Road and you’ll come across the bright yellow signage beckoning patrons in. 


2. Pusateries

6-minute walk from Empire Maven


Pusateries, a high-end grocery store known for their curated selection of artisanal foods, is chock-full of unique picks you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Their beautiful displays of only the freshest produce are certainly something to marvel at and their pre-selected grocery boxes make shopping a breeze for those in a hurry.

3. Floris Flower Co. 

1-minute walk from Empire Maven


Looking to add some greenery to your home? Floris Flower Co. is your go-to. The mother-daughter duo behind this charming floral boutique specialize in custom arrangements well-suited for any occasion. No need to wait for a special reason to buy yourself a beautiful bouquet — treat yourself whenever you’d like at Floris Flower Co.  

4. Mosaic Outfitters

9-minute walk from Empire Maven


A Canadian fashion company specializing in hats, caps, winter wear, and accessories, Mosaic Outfitters offers high-quality designs at affordable prices. Bundle up in style with their signature oversized tags that adorn all their pieces. 

5. Ambrosia Natural Foods

4-minute walk from Empire Maven


Ambrosia Natural Foods is where you want to go when in search of the freshest organic produce, along with their selection of vitamins, minerals and natural cosmetics. Living a healthier lifestyle just became a little easier with Ambrosia only a few short steps from Maven, allowing you access to nutritious foods anytime of the year. 

6. La Bamboche

2-minute walk from Empire Maven


La Bamboche seamlessly fuses French and Japanese flavours to create the ultimate dining experience. This charming cafe offers a grand selection of desserts, sweet treats and various pastries you’re sure to love. You can choose to play it safe by going for a classic cinnamon bun, or mix things up with a lemon-yuzu macaron. 

7. Dana Jordan

3-minute walk from Empire Maven


If you are looking for unique decor and speciality trinkets that will add some personality to your home, Dana Jordan is the right place to go. Here you’ll find everything from decorative napkin holders to crystal homeware, and many more items that are sure to catch the attention of any guests you have over. 

8. Dave’s Genuine Deli

5-minute walk from Empire Maven


When you’re in need of a classic deli sandwich, Dave’s Genuine Deli is here to serve. Find selections like their Roast Beef Dip Au Jus, or The Mashugana — one pound of smoked meat on a toasted bun. Their sandwich creations are far from boring, and are a healthy mix of tried-and-true favourites with a few newer flavour combinations. 

9. Lee’s Dumpling House

8-minute walk from Empire Maven


For those times when you’re craving authentic Chinese classics, Lee’s Dumpling House is here to serve. They offer up a wide selection of steamed and fried dumplings, and if you’re ever in a time crunch, not to worry — you can purchase your favourites frozen and prepare them whenever hunger calls. Their Pan-Fried Potstickers pack a big punch, while their Longevity Peach Buns are a tasty and delicious work of art. 

10. Brookdale Park

4-minute walk from Empire Maven


This bit of green space tucked away within the urban expanse is a nice step away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Enjoy the family-friendly setting and take a leisurely walk through this 3-acre park. A dense canopy of trees hovers alongside the paved trail, meaning you can walk comfortably on even the sunniest of days. 

While we’re on the topic of all things local, explore even more hot spots around Empire Maven we think you’ll absolutely love. 


Images courtesy of: Retail Insider (Maker Pizza); Mosaic Outfitters (Mosaic Outfitters); Uber Eats (La Bamboche); Canada247 (Dana Jordan); Streets of Toronto (Dave’s Genuine Deli); Skip the Dishes (Lee’s Dumpling House); Canada247 (Brookdale Park).


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