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From casual wings and beer shared at the local pub, to intimate settings that serve up classic Italian cuisine, the options for dining on Avenue Road are endless. Read on to discover some of our top restaurant picks available to Empire Maven residents.

Tutto Pronto

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With a modern, simple and fresh approach to southern Italian cooking, Tutto Pronto is an Avenue Road go-to for dine in, take out or event catering. A glass of red wine and a plate of their famous freshly cooked pasta will have you feeling like Italy isn’t too far away.


We recommend: Ricotta Gnocchi with Shaved Truffles

The Copper Chimeney

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Known for their bold flavours and invigorating spices, The Copper Chimney is one of the city’s best Indian restaurants. They offer a wide variety of authentic Indian dishes and have options for vegetarians, meat lovers and everyone in between.


We recommend: Tandoori Lamb Chops

Prime On Avenue

<h3>Prime On Avenue</h3>“>
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Boasting a uniquely elegant upscale experience, Prime on Avenue is Toronto’s finest kosher steakhouse. Whether you eat your steak medium-rare or well done, this sleek and sophisticated hot spot is a carnivore’s dream.


We recommend: Petite Filet with Teriyaki Sauce (cooked medium-well)

Maker Pizza

<h3>Maker Pizza</h3>“>
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Maker Pizza is arguably one of Toronto’s most popular take out and delivery pizza joints. Residents were thrilled to learn the second location of the increasingly growing chain would be opening on Avenue Road. Maker Pizza offers a selection of pizzas made with three-day aged pizza dough, organic tomato sauce and fresh cheeses. The most popular item on the menu? Dr. Pepperoni – a pizza covered in two times the pepperoni, fior di latte, Parmesan cheese and toasted fennel.


We recommend: Dr. Pepperoni Pizza

Safari Bar and Grill

<h3>Safari Bar and Grill</h3>“>
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With its delicious casual eats and inviting atmosphere, it’s no wonder Safari Bar & Grill has earned a reputation for being Avenue’s favourite bar and grill. Since opening in 1995, their goal has been to offer hospitality, friendly service, and an extensive menu filled with a unique blend of food, wine and speciality beers.


We recommend: Safari Burger

Avenue Seafood

<h3>Avenue Seafood</h3>“>
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Referred to by Toronto Life as “Toronto’s most enthusiastic fishmongers,” Avenue Seafood is a family-owned-and-operated fresh fish market that sells some of the best fish, oysters and seafood. Whether you’re looking for organic salmon, wild shrimp or a sashimi platter – Avenue Seafood takes pride in the quality and freshness they sell.


We recommend: Jumbo Black Tiger Shrimp

The Bagel House

<h3>The Bagel House</h3>“>
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The Bagel House is the best place to indulge in Montreal-style bagels in Toronto and it’s only a few short steps away from Empire Maven. Open 24 hours a day, you’ll find 16 varieties of the beloved breakfast favourites, from sesame seed to cinnamon raisin.


We recommend: Sesame Seed Bagel Toasted with Cream Cheese and Lox


No matter what’s calling your name for dinner tonight, we know you’ll find it at one of Avenue Road’s excellent eateries. Bon appétit!


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