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Imagine for a moment a beautiful landscape filled with towering trees and lush grass, and the soothing sounds of birds chirping and water gently flowing along a creek. Now imagine that you could find all of that in your own backyard. Ravine lots are coveted because of the beautiful scenery and oasis-like tranquility they add to a property, and they are made even more desirable by the fact that only a handful of properties are graced with these attributes. And while no one can dispute the merits of having a resort-like backyard, the advantages of owning a ravine lot don’t stop there. If you’re considering a ravine lot for your next home purchase, read on to discover all the benefits of owning this sought-after property.

They Offer Beautiful Views & Increased Privacy

Two of the greatest advantages to owning a ravine lot are the picturesque nature views and increased privacy that it offers homeowners, as homes on these lots have no backyard neighbours. In our Riverland community, the remaining ravine lots we have back onto a scenic nature pond.

They May Come with a Walkout Basement or Deck

Ravine properties are typically set on higher elevations, meaning that these homes may feature walkout basements or walkout decks. Building a walkout deck would extend the footprint of your home outdoors, adding value to the property, while a home with a walkout basement comes with a plethora of advantages that includes increased natural light throughout the home and more usable living space to enjoy.

They’re Set on Safer Streets

Perfect for new and growing families, ravine lots are set on streets with lower speed limits to maintain the quietude of the area. Parents can let their children play on the lawn or learn how to ride a bike knowing that they’re situated on one of the community’s safest streets.

Ready to call a ravine lot home? Learn more about our homes at Empire Riverland in Breslau, Ontario to find the one that’s perfect for you and your family.


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