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With communities across the GTA and Southwestern Ontario, Empire offers a diverse range of housing types designed to meet the needs of municipalities and homeowners. Just like when choosing a location, the type of home you select should reflect your lifestyle.


The differences between a single detached house and a high-rise home are usually pretty easy to decipher, but when it comes to garden suites and freehold townhomes, the differences are a little greyer. To help you navigate through your options, we’ve put together some basic information to keep in mind when making your decision.


When it comes to determining what option is best for you, it largely depends on preference and lifestyle. If you like the idea of low-maintenance living, but don’t want to live in a high-rise building, garden suites towns are a great option. A multi-floor unit, such as those available at Empire Phoenix, mimic single-detached living and provide additional privacy with second-floor bedrooms and second-floor balconies.


With a garden suite, you own the interior of your unit, similar to a condominium building. The lot is collectively owned by all unit owners and maintained by a property management company.


With a garden suite, you don’t have to worry about exterior property maintenance. As a homeowner in a condominium community you are responsible to pay a monthly maintenance fee. These fees take care of items such as landscaping, snow removal, garbage disposal, repairs to the building and all the amenities you’ll have access to at Phoenix, including underground parking, a fitness centre, we-work space, dog washing station, spa, coffee lounge, infinity pool and rooftop terrace.


There is consistency to garden suite ownership since a condo corporation maintains the property. Freehold townhomes are subject to changes as your neighbours see fit; this could mean interrupted uniformity or lack of landscaping and repairs in the townhouse block. With garden suites, your unit and your neighbour’s units will consistently look the same, from building exterior to landscaping, even years down the road. This means your property value isn’t likely to change based on disrepair.


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