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Wyndfield Construction Update Oct 2017

We took a visit to one of Empire’s most established residential communities, Wyndfield located in Brantford to capture the activity on site. Empire has completed 2,079 homes in Wyndfield as we continue to build in this vibrant and growing community.


All 25 townhouses and 62 detached homes in Phase 6A have basements in the ground and are starting to build upwards.

Townhome blocks located on Longboat Run are in the footings stage while blocks on Butcher Cresent have started to make their way to roofing.

Blocks on Cole Cresent are currently on various stages of construction from footings, roofing and drywall.


If you haven’t yet had your chance to be part of this community, stay tuned for a new release of towns and detached homes coming this November. You can register here to receive your invite to our sales event.  

Learn more about our current availability here.