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What to do at home when it's too cold to go outside

Tags: Lifestyle, Winter

It’s easy to feel imprisoned when it’s so cold outside that the only thing you can focus on is getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible. For those of us who aren’t into snowboarding, skiing or skating, the colder months present a great opportunity to stay occupied indoors. We’ve put together our list of things to do at home when the temperatures plummet.


Play a board game


Long before Netflix, Pinterest and Instagram, people passed the time by playing primitive versions of smart phone games. These ‘board games’ as they were called required zero electricity and would successfully kill hours. Try some of the classics or bring board games into the modern age with playful options like What Do You Meme, a Cards Against Humanity-type game that is sure to induce side-splitting giggles all around.



Try a new recipe


Put your kitchen to work and try that recipe you bookmarked months ago. We like to indulge in some hearty comfort food with our list of 5 warming foods that you can make in 45 minutes or less.



Organize that spot


We all have that one area in our homes where junk just seems to pile up and nothing has a place. Finally tackle it by clearing everything out, trashing junk and grouping the remaining items. Take a label maker and some bins or baskets to give everything a home; it may seem like overkill but it’ll be much harder for you to get disorganized when things are neatly labeled. A few common sore spots in our experience are the pantry, spice drawer, linen closet or hallway. If that spot for you is your closet, try our guide for decluttering your closet for good.



Try a new DIY project


Some DIY projects involve multiple trips to the hardware and countless frustrating hours to complete. During the cold months, take it easy with some light and relaxing DIY projects that make a small but powerful impact on your home. One of our favourites is Parachute’s all-natural room sprays. They’re easy and cheap to make, and you can feel good knowing you’re breathing in safe and simple ingredients.



Finally get through your reading list


There’s no better time to curl up with a good book than winter. And with a lot more of us making less plans, it’s the perfect time for busy bodies to finally run out of excuses to not sit down and read. Our reading list this year includes: Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood, Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, Soulful Simplicity by Courtney Carver, The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware, Kinfolk Home by Nathan Williams



Hygge your home


We discovered the Scandinavian concept of Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) last year and we’re loving it. This simplistic art of transforming your home into a cozy oasis of serenity with lighting, textures and scents makes taking on winter a lot easier. Follow our guide to Hygge for your home, and put the concept into practice.


Take a loooong, relaxing bath


If you’re one of the rare few that has incorporated baths into your self-care routine, keep it up. For a large percentage of us, a long bath seems like a time commitment we simply can’t make. This winter treat yourself to a spa-like experience by filling your tub with hot water (keep the door closed to let the steam and humidity build up), throwing in some Epson salts and chamomile lavender tea (yup, you read that right) and telling your family disturbing you is strictly forbidden for the next few hours. Put on this ultra-relaxing 3-hour spa soundtrack and let your thoughts wander.