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Victory Construction Update July 2015

Victory has been a busy community since our first families moved in a year ago in Stoney Creek on Green Mountain Road and Upper Centennial Parkway. Lawn contractors continue to lay out sod in Phase 1 as existing families enjoy their new home.

Construction Update Victory Phase 1:

1. The last townhome block is backfilled on Crafter Crescent with all other existing homes on the street in the framing and roofing stages of construction.

2. Victory sidewalks are complete and driveways have received their first coat. 

Construction Update Victory Phase 2:

1. All phases of construction are well underway from excavation to closings.

2. Several homes on Sherway Street are in the framing and mechanical stages of construction.

3. Homes on Westglen Avenue are further along in the finishing process.

Milestone Notifications:

Are you a homeowner who has received your excavation milestone notification?

This means construction has begun on your new home! Your foundation walls will be completed and backed filled in the coming weeks.

Are you a homeowner who received your lower roof milestone notification?

This means your roof has been shingled and the exterior cladding, insulation and finishing stages of your home are to begin in the coming weeks.

Received your drywall and prime milestone notification?

This means your closing day is coming up soon. It would be a great time to schedule a mover and contact utility companies to set up accounts.

Watch our construction update video for a behind the scenes look at Victory’s growing community. Stay tuned for more updates on our blog.