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Trend Alert: Cactus Decor

Tags: Decor

If you love the idea of using houseplants in your home décor, but are out of windowsill space? Cacti themed home decor should do the trick. These pieces exude personality and offer that Southwest-chic vibe that makes your home feel relaxed and inviting.

Prints textiles and accents

Cactus inspired accents, prints and home essentials from candles to measuring cups and pillows to wallpaper will give your home a playful and relaxed feel.


Photos courtesy of: Hellosociety, Spartan Shop, emBroider88, ebay, Brit Morin, polyvore, target, hello casto, @UOnewyork, etsy


Places to incorporate cactus decor in the home are virtually endless, especially when you start to flex your DIY muscles. Browse some of our favourite projects to find something truly unique.



From left to right: Cactus Pillow, Cactus Potted Plant, Painted Cactus, Knitted Succulents, Cactus ring holder



The design world’s crush on the cactus started with the plant itself, so naturally the first place to look to bring the trend into your home is with indoor plants. Needing very little water to survive, these low maintenance plants are perfect for first-time plant parents and come in a variety of different types and sizes. Not sure where to even begin caring for new plants? Check out our Guide to Growing Happy and Healthy Houseplants




Design inspiration

Cactus decor complements any colour scheme or interior design style. There’s plenty of online inspiration to draw from, like Urban Outfitters home, possible the first to embrace that desert chic look. We also love tuning into Jenny K’s Instagram account @livingpattern, where she creates the most stunningly beautiful watercolour artwork of cacti.


Photos courtesy of: @livingpattern


A few of our favourite things

Can’t wait to start incorporating this new trend into your home? We’ve put together a list of our favourite Cactus finds.