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Tips & Tricks: Lowering Your Hydro Bill

Tags: Finance

When it comes to your home, costs can add up quick. Cost saving tricks can therefore have a huge impact on your monthly bills. With recent increases to Ontario hydro prices, small changes in how you use everyday appliances around your home can have a bigger impact than ever. Read on to get Empire’s best practices and start saving on your energy bill and enjoying a greener home today.


A large part of reducing your water and electricity bill comes back to being mindful when using everyday appliances.

  • Run your washing machine on cold water and match the level of water to the load size, eliminating needless water usage.
  • Hang clothes to dry whenever possible.
  • Get to know your dishwasher’s cycle options. Easy to clean loads should be set to light or short cycle, with no-heat or energy-saving drying. Open the door and let the dishes dry naturally instead, and never run the dishwasher unless it’s full.


Maintaining the appliances around your home will allow them to function as intended and save you money.

  • Fix leaky faucets, which are not only irritating but can waste 800 litres per month, according to Hydro One.
  • Keep your dryer clean and free of lint to improve the efficiency, and give you a better end result. Better yet, take advantage of summer months by drying clothing outside.


Ten percent of the average Canadian’s electricity consumption goes to ‘Phantom Energy’; electronic devices that are plugged in but not running.

  • Plugging these devices into power bars allow you to turn off electricity supply with one switch.
  • Programming your thermostat to adjust the temperature while you are away or sleeping can also make a big difference in your energy saving with very little effort.

The quality of your appliances can have a huge impact on your bottom line. When purchasing new appliances, consider Energy Star®. Better appliances are not only more efficient, but your energy bill will be lower too. Everything counts, which is why Hydro One recommends making checklists to help spot water and energy saving opportunities around your home and lower your Hydro Bill. A few small changes can make a big difference.