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The Dr is in the House

It’s no surprise the Lone Star State has many beloved foods, but one that has really made its way around the world is Dr Pepper, hailing from Waco, Texas. The soda has even launched a petition to become Texas’ official soft drink.

Fun Facts

  • First, leaving off the period in the name was no typo; putting in a period after “Dr” is a big no-no (and an easy clue you might not be from Texas).
  • Dr Pepper was invented in 1885 in Waco. The Dr Pepper Museum used to be one of the city’s biggest attractions until Chip and Joana Gaines rolled into town.
  • Dr Pepper is the oldest soft drink in the nation, pre-dating Coca-Cola by one year.
  • There are 23 flavors in Dr Pepper (and no, one of them is not prune juice).
  • Charles Alderton is credited with inventing Dr Pepper to boost sales at the soda counter of Morrison’s Corner drugstore. He sold his recipe to drugstore owner W. B. Morrison and chemist Robert Lazenby, and it was the two of them who launched the Dr Pepper empire.

While Dr Pepper may be the beverage of choice for many who favor soft drinks, it’s also the secret sauce to many amazing recipes. You may have heard of using Dr Pepper in barbecue sauce (and if you’re watching your weight, swapping to the diet version is okay), but have you heard of Dr Pepper brownies? You can use it when baking brownies from scratch or make those box brownies something to remember by swapping out the water for Dr Pepper.

See the full brownie recipe — along with four other fantastic Dr Pepper inspired dishes that celebrate this bit of Texas history — here.