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The Cheese Boutique, A West-End Gem

We are always looking for local spots in our communities to explore and share with our current and future homeowners. The Cheese Boutique is a true gem that we had to share with our west end foodies! Located at 45 Ripley Avenue, The Cheese Boutique is a gourmet emporium and has been supplying Toronto with mouthwatering selections for over forty-five years.

We’re suckers for distinct places with rich histories, and the Cheese Boutique fits the bill. With a self-proclaimed mission of “gastronomic indulgence for everyone”, the Cheese Boutique has been providing just that since 1970. They started with a small corner store on Bloor Street and have exploded in popularity, requiring a change of local in the 2000s to accommodate the amount of mouthwatering products and hoards of devoted cliental. How lucky for us, as that puts them within a few minutes from our Eau du Soleil and Beyond the Sea communities.


Picture walking through a gourmet version of Alice in Wonderland; with prosciutto legs hanging from the ceiling, tempting in-house pastries at every turn, endless supplies of olive oils, dried beef, jams, fresh fruit, breads, game meat and one of our favorites, chipotle and bacon flavoured chocolate truffles! There is something for everyone at the Cheese Boutique; be sure to show up ready to taste and savour.


True to their name, The Cheese Boutique’s ultimate attraction is their astounding array of aged cheeses. Masters of their craft, with three generations worth of aging expertise, their cheese selection from around the globe will leave your mouth watering. And that’s not all, these masters of aging have applied their craft to beef, Meyer lemons and much much more; best before dates don’t exist for them.


Visit the Cheese Boutique today, Monday-Friday from 9-7, Weekends from 8-6, and check them out on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!