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The Best of Kitchener-Waterloo Eats

What do you get when you combine the appetite of university students, the artisan desires of young tech-professionals and the bounty of local farmers all in one place? A booming, diverse foodie scene that is as local as it is eclectic. This is the food spectrum of Kitchener Waterloo. Although the two cities are often lumped together, their restaurants are quiet diverse, with Waterloo catering to students, while Kitchener meets the cravings of its tech hub residents.


Some foodies might think living outside Toronto limits your access to artisan choices and well-prepared food, but Kitchener-Waterloo can proudly prove otherwise. Just have a scroll through Maple Tay and Andrew Coppolino’s popular food websites Table for Maple and Waterloo Region Eats, and you’ll see the abundance of great places to grab a bite in the region. These 14 spots are on our list whenever we’re looking for a meal in town.