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Take Home Quality: Queen’s Pasta In Etobicoke

We love the familiarity that comes with knowing an area so well that those traditionally overlooked mom and pop businesses have become your go-to spots. You want to keep your local finds a secret but you’re eager to proclaim to your friends and family that you’re in the know when it comes to food, fun and shopping.

A lot of west-enders know about Queen’s Pasta Café in Bloor West Village, a mouthwateringly delicious restaurant with pasta dishes as diverse as you could imagine. What most folks have not discovered yet is the Queen’s Pasta Wholesaler in Etobicoke. It’s a mere 5-minute drive from our Eau Du Soleil community, and a 5-minute walk from the Mimico GO Station; a perfect stop to make on your way home.

Queen’s Pasta on Newcastle Street sells their famously tender and fresh-made pasta to consumers to take home and cook themselves (including delectable pre-made lasagnas you can pretend you made yourself). Although a wholesaler, their wonderful staff is as eager and willing to help you make a perfect meal as they are to load up a truck full of products to ship off to their restaurant.

Don’t be fooled by their rustic exterior, this diamond-in-the-rough is a must-stop when you’re in South Etobicoke, and one of our favourite spots to hit up when running our Saturday errands – followed closely by a coffee from our other local favourite, Sanremo Bakery.

Check out their monthly recipe for tips and inspiration; we highly recommend their oversized spinach ravioli and the ingeniously delicious Wine Pasta – Cabernet Fettuccini.