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Condo Ownership: ‘Low Maintenance’ Isn’t ‘No Maintenance’

Condo ownership is appealing for a variety of reasons; affordability and location often chief among them, along with an enticingly low level of maintenance. Common areas (such as your fitness centre, parking garage etc.), snow removal and landscaping are maintained by a property management company and individual units’ HVAC systems and smoke detectors are often maintained for owners as well. In fact, when we help new homebuyers decide what would best suit their needs, we often ask: ‘do you want to maintain your home, or pay for it to be maintained?’ Meaning do you want a home where the maintenance is on you, or do you want to pay maintenance fees in a condo or condo townhome in exchange for never worrying about anything again? But you’ve caught us — we exaggerated. The truth is ‘Low maintenance’ is not the same as ‘no maintenance’ when it comes to condo living. As a condo owner there are steps you can take to keep your unit in good shape which maintains your property value and your warranty rights. But breathe easy condo dwellers, your maintenance is still pretty low key.