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New Technology That’ll Transform Our Homes In 2020

If the 2010s proved anything, it’s that smart home technology is here to stay and it will only continue to become even more integrated into our daily lives in the 2020s. With home technologies — including smart devices like Google Nest and assistants like Amazon Alexa — now commonplace items in our homes, gadgets and devices hitting the shelves this year will demonstrate that technology is moving beyond advancements in electronics only, with everyday consumer products seeing the steady amalgamation of tech.

Read on to discover what new home technology will transform the way we live in 2020 and beyond. 


If garbage day is your most dreaded day of the week, fear it no more: Townew’s Self-Sealing and Self-Charging Trash Can makes completing this chore as easy and mess-free as the push of a button. This smart, battery-powered trash can is designed to automatically seal your trash bag once full and line the bin with a new one. And for weeks where you have more garbage than usual, the Self-Cleaning and Self-Charging Trash Can’s overflow feature detects when the trash can is full and raises its lid so that it can still seal shut without any mess or smell seeping through. Best suited to small kitchens or bathrooms, this task-saver is able to accommodate biodegradable garbage bags.


Best known for their external power stations, Mophie is expanding their product repertoire to include the Powerstation GO, a portable battery that can charge almost any device including phones, tablets and laptops — oh, and it can also jump-start your car. This compact and easy-to-use gadget features a 44,400 megawatt-hour battery and miniature jumper cables in the event that your car stalls. To top it all off, the Powerstation GO also comes with two USB ports and a built-in LED flashlight. Just be sure to allow ample time (nine hours) for the battery to fully charge before use.


Gone are the days of turning your faucet on and off manually; Moen’s U faucet is set to revolutionize the hardest-working room of the home with a voice-activated faucet that connects to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Having just launched in February, the U faucet can also be motion-activated and can connect to an app that allows users to set unlimited personalized presets — including temperature control settings and the amount of water needed to perfectly fill up your pasta pot — and start and stop water delivery. The faucet is available in a variety of designs to complement any style of home, and does include a handle on the side for when you feel like turning your faucet on the old-fashioned way.


Smart sleep technology has taken the adult world by storm, and now the littlest members of the family will be able to benefit from technology that helps them get a good night’s rest, too. Coming early 2020, the MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet is a smart sleep system with five unique rocking motions (including Car Ride, Kangaroo, Rock-a-Bye, Tree Swing and Wave), a built-in sound machine and gentle vibration options. And so that parents don’t have to worry about waking baby to change the bassinet settings, the motions and sounds can conveniently be controlled from their phone using the 4moms app.


If seasonal gardens just aren’t satisfying your green thumb, then consider a fridge that lets you grow your greens indoors year-round. LG’s Harvester Fridge is a full-sized indoor plant farm that can grow up to 24 packages of vegetable seeds and herbs at a time, including romaine, arugula and basil. Smart features are designed to cultivate plant growth using temperature and water controls, while flexible modules replicate the best growing conditions depending on the time of day. And to ensure you never miss the birth of a new sprout, the Harvester Fridge connects to an app that allows you to keep watch over your garden from anywhere and offers gardening tips along the way.

Images courtesy of Indiegogo (trash can); Zagg (Powerstation); Mobile Syrup (faucet); PopSugar (bassinet).