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Packing and moving all of your family’s belongings from your current home into a new one is thrilling and stressful all at the same time. Instead of being overwhelmed by cardboard boxes and furniture on the big day, take some time to prepare in advance and reduce your stress levels. If done correctly, moving can be an excellent opportunity to look back on the years that passed, purge idle items, start fresh and most importantly, get the whole family pumped for the move to a new home.

We have expert tips to help you stay organized, pack well and above all, stay calm. Hint: giving yourself ample time is key.


  • Pick up all supplies before you begin sorting through your home. You’ll need several boxes or bins, garbage bags (the bigger the better), packing peanuts or bubble wrap, tape and markers to label everything. Remember clear plastic bags are great for bedding and linens so you can see what is inside.
  • As soon as you have your moving date, start packing. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming you still have lots of time. Packing will always take longer than you anticipated and starting early means you have time to properly pack and label everything to avoid misplaced or damaged items.
  • Take care of administrative items as early as possible. Book your moving company or rent your moving van early to ensure availability. For homeowners moving into a condominium community, speak with the property management staff about booking an elevator.
  • Keep the items to toss or donate separate and labeled. Make arrangements for a charity and/or junk removal company to pick up the items if needed at least a week before your moving day.
  • Moving is the ultimate time to purge, and storage areas of your home are the best place to begin your packing process because it’s the items you use the least. Items you forgot you had, haven’t used in years or are damaged should be the first to go.
  • Next tackle infrequently used rooms and finally pack the everyday items in your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Keep the purging spirit alive during this process; say goodbye to chipped dishes, mismatched cushions or anything else that won’t have a place in your new home.
  • Make the moving process fun for kids by including them. Have them sort their own rooms and toys, give them markers and crayons to decorate and label their boxes and have prizes on hand for a job well done. In fact, keep a few prizes on hand for yourself as well.
  • A great trick to help avoid the scramble of unpacking when you arrive at your new home is to pack a suitcase with a few outfits, toiletries and other daily essentials. One suitcase for everyone in the family means you can unpack stress-free and at your own pace knowing everyone has the essentials on hand for a few days.

There’s no denying that moving is overwhelming, but proper preparation can make a world of difference. Don’t forget that moving from one home to another should be a fun, emotional and memorable journey. Give yourself time to reminisce, tell stories and look through those photo albums that have been sitting on the shelves for years.