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Midtown Construction Update Winter 2019

Our Midtown Condominium is rising on Eglinton Avenue West in one of Toronto’s fastest-growing neighbourhoods.

With our construction crane high in the sky, Empire Midtown is becoming more visible from kilometres around our site. We are currently pouring the 5th-floor slab of concrete while we’ve added lighting to our underground parking lot.

Oakwood Station Update

Midtown’s closest LRT station, Oakwood will have two station entrances, one fully accessible for wheelchairs as well as 24 outdoor bicycle parking spaces for commuters.

The first Crosstown car has been manufactured and we got to get a glimpse of the new ride. Similar to our new stylish downtown streetcars, the LRT has steered clear from the TTC branded colours and took a more subtle look.

Stay tuned for more updates on Midtown and the Eglinton area.





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