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Make The Most of Your Condo’s Amenities

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Perhaps the biggest perk of living in a condominium is access to awesome amenities without having to step foot outside. At Empire, it breaks our hearts to find condominium residents who either don’t know what their building has to offer, or have never got around to using the amenities available to them. February offers several opportunities to finally take advantage of all those party-friendly amenity spaces you’ve been telling yourself you’ll book one day. With the Super Bowl this weekend, the Family Day long weekend quickly approaching and the Oscars on February 28th there’s no shortage of excuses to host a fabulous party this month. Empire takes amenity space seriously – and we encourage taking full advantage of what your building has to offer, which is why we’re offering up some advice for executing a flawless party this month and beyond.


Different events will have different needs. If you’re hosting friends for the Super Bowl or Oscars, the TV will be the main focus, so book the entertainment room or theatre, like in Empire’s Eau Du Soleil waterfront condominium, a cozy space with a large television is what you’ll need. If you’re getting your family together for Family Day, the party room will work best, especially if there’s designated dining and lounge areas, such as in our Beyond The Sea condominiums.

Request a tour of the amenities you plan to use a few days before, especially if you plan to make a meal for your guests. Check the cabinets and kitchen to make sure you have everything you need, and take note of anything you might need to bring with you. And remember – make absolutely sure you have access to the channels featuring your show– or you’ll be dealing with very irritated guests.


Once you know what room you’ll need, book immediately. Particularly for specific events such as Family Day; you never know who else might be thinking along the same lines as you.


Know and be respectful of your building’s rules and make sure your guests understand them as well. You may need to book a security guard through your building or adhere to restrictions on the number of guests allowed, and you’ll most likely need to hand over a security deposit. Also, keep in mind the proximity of amenities to neighbouring suites, and make sure your guests are respectful of other residents as they pass through the building.


If you’re guests are driving, suggest carpooling where possible to ensure visitor parking is available for everyone, and if you’re providing alcohol or know your guests will be drinking, ensure everyone has a safe way home. Suggest the Guest Suites in your building to friends coming from far, but make sure they book early to ensure availability. And, as with any party, be prepared to host people overnight if need be.

Amenities are designed to be used to the fullest, and it’s a wonderful perk of condo living to be able to host your friends and family in your personal party space for the day. Follow our simple pre-party steps for a flawless event with no unpleasant surprises; happy planning!