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Lush & Victory Construction Update Summer 2018

Our Lush community located in Stony Creek has been flourishing as Phase 1 and Phase 2 started occupancy earlier this year. With 80 percent of our homeowners moved into Phase 1 and 50 percent of homeowners in Phase 2, the community is starting to grow and take shape. The remaining homes are in the finishing stages as sidewalk installation and landscaping begin in Phase 1 this summer and will continue into Phase 2.

We are pleased to announce servicing has begun in Lush Phase 3 and Victory Phase 5A and 5B. As our community continues to grow our homeowners grow with it, therefore the city of Stoney Creek has a proposed a new school to be built in-between Phase 2 and 3 of Lush.

Stay tuned for more updates on this growing community on our website.

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