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Live Beautifully

Your new house doesn’t really feel like home until it’s fully furnished in a style that represents you and your family. But if you don’t happen to be a professional designer, it can be hard to walk into your empty space and know where to start.

Make this the year for your home to shine with our eight part design series tackling everything from how to start your inspiration process, to completing the final touches. Join us every week along with celebrity designer Andrew Pike and subscribe today to get the latest episodes and bonus footage before you take on your next design project.

The Series

Starring on-screen personality Andrew Pike, these bite-size videos will give you all of the essentials on how to begin planning your home makeover.

Watch the teaser for a sneak peek into the five beautifully finished Empire model homes featured in this series.

Episode 1: Getting Inspired

In episode one, Andrew tackles the first step to any design project: getting inspired. Every space needs a starting point, and the best part is, it can be literally anything. From a family heirloom to a piece of artwork, Andrew shows us how the items you love can inspire your decor for an entire room.

Episode 2: Creating a Cohesive Home

For most novice decor enthusiasts, creating flow in your home can be a challenge. In episode two, Andrew shows us how to achieve a cohesive home with three major elements: paint, flooring and furnishings.

Episode 3: Kitchen Confidential

The kitchen is often the heart of the home, so it’s only natural it deserves a lot of our attention when planning the design. Creating a look and feel that reflects your design style and is functional is important in this room as it’s the space where family breakfasts, homework sessions and dinner parties will all be taking place. In episode three, Andrew shows us how to style both a modern and traditional kitchen to your taste, giving us tips on maximizing storage and usability.

Episode 4: Mix & Match

Some of the most beautiful spaces are the ones that blend design styles. A firm believer that matching sets are passé, Andrew Pike demonstrates how to mix different furnishings and accents in episode four. From contrasting neutrals to mixing antique and industrial pieces, Andrew shows us we don’t have to be afraid to mix things up when it comes to home decor.

Episode 5: Luxurious Layers

In episode five, Andrew shares the best way to achieve a gorgeous and welcoming home by layering textures and neutrals. See how keeping strong colours out of your furnishings will extend the longevity of your decor choices while still adding interest and warmth to your home.

Episode 6: Lighting Up Your Life

Decorative, functional or disappear? In episode six, Andrew talks about the importance of defining your lighting’s purpose in each room before you go shopping. Using examples from our curated model homes in Riverland, Andrew shows us how to define what type of lighting belongs where, and how to choose the best fixtures for your needs.

Episode 7: All About Accessories

We all love the look and feel of a perfectly finished space, but might need a little help creating a curated look in our home. Without a set vision, your accessories can quickly become cluttered and disorganized. In episode seven, Andrew shows us how to achieve that magazine-ready look by adding accessories to compliment and enhance your decor.

Episode 8: The Finished Space

One of the most important parts of any space is the styling. In our final episode, Andrew Pike shows us how to complete any home design project like a professional with some easy tips and tricks for finding, positioning and organizing your final touches.

Meet The Designer

Andrew Pike is a nationally recognized interior designer, host and media personality. As a resident décor expert on The Marilyn Denis Show and a well-known TV personality, Andrew continues to wow the design world with his curated spaces, where you’ll find not a detail out of place.

After recently completing five flawless model homes at our Riverland community in Breslau, we asked Andrew to share how he goes from an empty space to magazine-worthy decor. With such a strong on-screen presence and sophisticated approach to home design, we wanted to bring Andrew’s expertise into your home.

Read The Magazine

Live Beautifully is a decor and lifestyle magazine created by Empire Communities. In our inaugural issue, we explore the design process and inspiration behind our new model homes in Breslau, tips on balancing home and family, and a delicious new recipe for your next dinner party.


We're thrilled to be back for Season Two of Love Design, Live Empire, packed with new inspiration, design ideas and expert tips. This season we go behind the scenes with interior design team figure3 to bring you an inside look into the design process that inspired our four new model homes in Thorold, Ontario.

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