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Live Beautifully in 2019

When does a house become a home? Is it that long-awaited moment when new homeowners cross their threshold for the first time, or when the first nail is tapped into the wall to hang a piece of art? Or perhaps it’s when the first memory is made — when friends and family gather around the kitchen table to share a meal.

For us at Empire Communities, a house becomes a home when it reflects the life that happens within its walls.

Join us for our second season of Love Design, Live Empire, and go behind the scenes with principal Dominic De Freitas of figure3 as we work to create four distinct model homes that bring our vision of home to life.

The Series

Go behind the scenes of making a model home, starring principal Dominic De Freitas of design firm figure3.

Watch the teaser for a sneak peek into the four beautifully furnished Empire model homes featured in this series.

Episode 1

Behind the Design: The Makings of a Model Home

Follow the journey behind the design as Empire Communities partners with designer Dominic De Freitas of renowned design firm figure3 to bring our vision of home to life at the Legacy community in Thorold, Ontario. In episode one, see how Dominic created four distinct model homes that speak to couples and families at different stages in their lives.

Episode 2

Designer Secrets for Selecting Finishes for Your New Home

For most new homebuyers, selecting finishes for a newly built home is one of the most daunting tasks of the process. In episode two of Empire Communities’ Love Design, Live Empire series, designer Dominic De Freitas and the team at figure3 show what buyers can achieve using finishes from Empire’s Decor Centre. Plus, see the design decisions behind Empire’s Industrial Ranch model at our Legacy community in Thorold.

Episode 3

Adding Personal Touches to a New Home

From bold finishes to decorative accents and everything else in between, a remarkably staged home is what allows prospective buyers to truly envision themselves living somewhere new. See Empire's Industrial Ranch model come to life in episode three, and hear what Dominic has to say about the complexities of putting a model home together with the buyer in mind.

Episode 4

Tour Four New Homes Packed with Personality

One of the most gratifying moments in the home buying journey is the feeling of walking through your new home for the very first time. In the fourth and final episode of Love Design, Live Empire season two, Empire Legacy homeowners get an exclusive first look at the Modern Scandi, Shabby Chic, Manor Estate and Industrial Ranch model homes in Thorold.

Style Guide: Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic furniture and accessories appear aged and have a sense of history about them with visible signs of wear. The overall feel is soft and opulent, with a cottage-style decor that is warm and approachable.

Style Guide: Modern Scandi

Characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality, Modern Scandi is expressed through strong colour blocking and bold palettes. Made from natural and unfinished materials, furniture and accessories often have clean lines and incorporate geometric patterns.

Style Guide: Industrial Ranch

Coming May 21st

The industrial aesthetic takes cues from old factories and incorporates elements like weathered woods, exposed brick, industrial lighting and raw materials. The colour palette is commonly rooted in earth tones – a mix of muted greys, neutrals and rustic colours.

Style Guide: Manor Estate

Coming May 28th

A contemporary blend of traditional and modern styles, the Manor Estate is a transitional home that expresses traditional architectural elements and furniture in clean lines and modern finishes.

Colour palettes are typically neutral and subtle and may be monochromatic, with colour in art and accents, not upholstery and floors.


As a newly named principal of renowned design firm figure3, Dominic De Freitas is taking the design world by storm. Having joined the figure3 team more than five years ago, Dominic has proven his tenacity and flexed his creative muscle for a myriad of high-profile projects and clients.

After recently completing four distinct model homes at our Legacy community in Thorold along with his award-winning team, we asked the distinguished designer to share his vision for bringing Empire’s model homes to life.


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