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Our team has been busy this year at our Lakeside community in Brampton, making great progress on the construction of this master-planned community located on the corner of McLaughlin Road and Wanless Drive. The transition of this community from just a year ago is remarkable. To see for yourself, watch our recent video footage of the construction progress.

Moving into a brand new home is one of the most memorable experiences of your life and we are happy to announce that approximately 50 families have closed and moved into their homes in Phase 1A at Lakeside. Construction is ongoing in the rest of the Phase and homeowners will continue to move in throughout the summer months. Surveyors have also begun to stake lots to begin the grading and sod process which will be taking place shortly.

Rough stages are ongoing and construction is under way on the  townhomes on Clinton Street and Baffin Crescent in Phase 1B.

The community amenities at Lakeside are also taking shape. The playground equipment at the Lakeside Park on Queen Mary Drive and Baffin Crescent has been installed and all the surrounding trees have been planted. We will begin paving and surfacing the park grounds in coming weeks to make this space enjoyable for new families in the community.

Are you a homeowner who received your Lower Roof milestone notification? 

This means your roof has been shingled and the exterior cladding, insulation and finishing stages of your home are to begin in the coming weeks.

Received your Drywall and Prime milestone notification? 

This means your closing day is coming up soon. It would be a great time to schedule a mover and contact utility companies to set up accounts.