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Get Growing: 6 Foolproof Products For Indoor Gardening In Your Condo

When you think of an indoor garden, plants in terra cotta pots lined against a windowsill may be what comes to mind. But as technology evolves, urban density grows and the movement toward organic food products persists, indoor gardens are seeing a rise in popularity. This smart solution is particularly beneficial for city homeowners, whose balconies are too small to accommodate full-sized gardens. No matter how many leafy greens you want to grow, or how big of a green thumb you have, indoor gardens are proving themselves to be the hassle-free solution for growing fresh, organic herbs and produce at home — and these six tech-based indoor gardens are leading the way to help you get growing at home.


A Red Dot Design Award-winning product, the Plantui 3 is perfect for those just discovering their green thumb. Able to accommodate over forty edible herb, flower and leafy green capsule options (including favourite veggies like kale and sage), the Plantui 3 is soil-free and can scale in size with the growth of your plant.


Activating the Plantui 3 is as easy as adding nutrients and water to the container reservoir, snapping the plant capsules into place and plugging it in to get started. The Plantui 3 has an intelligent irrigation method that floods the roots multiple times a day depending on its growth stage and a feature that slows growth while you’re on holidays so you always come home to healthy plants.


An under-the-counter appliance that can easily stand in the place of a wine fridge or dishwasher, the Urban Cultivator comes with the option to use soil or hydroponic growing (with a plumbing hookup) and is perfect for growing everything from fresh herbs to wheatgrass shoots. The fully-automated garden comes with 100% non-GMO seeds.


Not for the casual gardener, the Urban Cultivator requires an expert home grower to regularly thin the sprouts and monitor the humidity inside the unit to prevent mould from growing and choking the sprouts. Settings for watering cycles, lighting and temperature allow you the flexibility to choose what’s best for your greens.


Who wouldn’t want a wall of living, edible art? Herbert is a hydroponic vertical garden that originated as a Kickstarter project in Austria. Designed to be installed directly onto a spare wall to save floor and counter space, Herbert uses a nutrient fertilizer and a biodegradable sponge to help grow up to 15 different plants at once. This unique indoor garden also takes design into account and is available in a beechwood or poplar finish.


LED technology and a hydroponic system allow for optimal and quick plant growth year-round (a head of lettuce can grow fully in four to five days). Set up is as easy as mounting it on the wall, filling the water tank and plugging it in — just be sure to take your time with the installation, as even a small leak could cause wall damage.


Designed for rapid cultivation and resource efficiency, SproutsIO is an automated indoor growing system that’ll let you enjoy the benefits of year-round fruits and vegetables. SproutsIO uses machine-learning technology and proprietary growing profiles to optimize for the seeds you choose, while an app keeps you connected to your garden with adjustable controls, sensor reports and even a real-time camera feed.


SproutsIO uses both hydroponics and aeroponics as a growing medium, and features a camera system in the lighting arm that automatically detects what greens you’re growing and adjusts the lighting, water and nutrient delivery accordingly. A true smart microgarden, SproutsIO is incredibly easy to use — just add water once a month.


Sleek and sustainable, the Aeva is a vertical indoor garden that was designed to make fresh produce more accessible, cost-effective and sustainable (growing up to $180 worth of produce on a monthly basis, and using 85% to 99% less water than conventional farming). Manufactured and assembled in London, Ontario, the Aeva can grow over 70 different plants and up to 10 pounds of fresh produce on a monthly basis.


Aeva is a hydroponic system that features grow lights for plant health and a poplar wood cabinet that houses the electrical system and water reservoir. Designed for ease of use, the Aeva arrives at your door already assembled and is easy to maintain — just fill the water reservoir once every two weeks.

honourable mention: HARVESTER FRIDGE BY LG

While unrealistic for the average condo space, LG’s Harvester Fridge is still worth the nod for its innovative design. Set to elevate the indoor plant scene in 2020, this full-sized indoor plant farm that will be able to grow up to 24 packages of vegetable seeds and herbs at a time, including romaine, arugula and basil. Made for those with a serious love for leafy greens, the Harvester Fridge made its grand debut at Vegas’s CES show in January.


The Harvester Fridge has a built-in column that’s specifically designed to cultivate plant growth using light, temperature and water controls. Flexible modules replicate the best growing conditions depending on the time of day, while a smart, non-circulating water supply system distributes the right amount of water for each plant and prevents algae growth. And to ensure you never miss the birth of a new sprout, the Harvester Fridge connects to an app that allows you to keep watch over your garden from anywhere and offers gardening tips along the way.


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