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Imagine Construction Update March 2016

Our Imagine community in Niagara Falls continues to grow as we construct our homes in Phase 3.


Homes in phase 3A are in various stages of construction from rough-ins to closings.
Homes on Sweet Chestnut Drive are in the rough-in and finishing stages while homes on Juneberry Drive are in the rough-in and drywall stages.
Homes on Sweet Birch are having drywall installed while homes on Butternut Boulevard and Hoptree are receiving their finishes.
4 blocks of townhomes on Tulip Tree Drive are in the rough-in stage of construction.


Homes on Sassafras Terrace and Sycamore Drive are in the rough-in and framing stages.
Homes on Butternut Boulevard and Blackmaple Drive are in the footings, foundation and backfill stages.
Stay tuned for a video tour of the construction process in the coming weeks.
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