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Eat Local: Top 5 Farm-To-Table Hot Spots In Haldimand County

Hagersville’s proximity to a robust farming community is a treasure for foodies looking to adopt a true farm-to-table lifestyle. Freshly farmed meats, dairy and produce will unlock your inner culinary creativity and have everyone’s mouths watering come dinner time. Nearby Caledonia and Jarvis extend the natural farming community and provide even more access to fresh ingredients. A quick drive in any direction and you’ll find street-side pop-up vendors selling fresh corn, berries and dairy.

Read on to discover five of our favourite farm-to-table hot spots in or around Hagersville.


17 minutes from Empire Livingston and a favourite among the locals, Wally Parr’s Sausage contain no fillers and only the best tasting, highest quality meat around.

Our favourite on the list, this well-known spot has some of the best sausages we’ve tried. Established in 1969 and still 100% Canadian made, Wally Parr offers affordable high-quality meats and their products have locals coming back time and time again.


4 minutes from Empire Livingston, Hewitt’s Dairy Bar is sure to become a favourite spot for a delicious cold treat on a hot day.

A summertime favourite for their frozen treats, Hewitt’s Dairy Bar has been serving the community since 1887 when its founder James Hewitt started delivering milk door-to-door in Hagersville. Since then, its evolved into a full-service diner but you can still trust them to have a fresh selection of dairy in their retail store. With over 60 flavours of ice cream, your kids are going to love it here.


15 minutes from Empire Livingston is European Meats and Delicatessen, which is sure to be your go-to destination for fresh cuts of meat.

This award-winning deli offers locally sourced meats and produce which are all antibiotic and hormone free. All of their beef is from Norwich, Ontario, and is aged a minimum of 21 days to ensure quality and taste. Their chicken is from St. George and are free run and grain fed. They also offer a variety of lunch options such as pork and chicken schnitzel as well as baked goods made fresh daily.


Find fresh foods at the Hagersville Farmers’ Market less than 5 minutes from Empire Livingston.

Every Wednesday in the centre of Hagersville you’ll find their popular Farmers’ Market. From 7am to 12pm you can choose from fresh produce, meats and confections. Find seasonal treats during the months the market is open, between May and December.


11 minutes from Empire Livingston is the unassuming Norton Farms, boasting a wonderful selection of jams, honey, meats and cheeses.

Started in 2013 by Ken Norton and his wife Yuka, Norton Farms promotes natural and sustainable farming. Their livestock is humanely and ethically raised and they share their passion with the community. There are a number of ways to take advantage of their monthly specials, including a subscription to their meat box program where you will get a selection of grass-fed beef, pasteurized pork and free range chicken. Browse the selection of products online, or drop by the farm in person.

Hagersville’s food scene is proudly local, given that it’s located in the heart of a robust farming community. For those that choose to call Empire Livingston home, the freshest farm-to-table goods will always be found just beyond your front door.