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Empire’s Realtor Programs

Tags: Houston

Relocation Realtor Program

Realtors participating in a relocation program are eligible for a bonus of up to 1% of the actual purchase price of a new Empire home. The relocation bonus shall not exceed the 30% referral fee due to the Relocation Agent. Written documentation from the Relocation Company reflecting a Referral Fee charged to the Agent must be received and approved by Empire management prior to closing.


Preferred Realtor Program

Brokers and Realtors who are members of our Preferred Realtor Program will have the opportunity to help our prospects with the sale of an existing home. If a prospect is ready to purchase a new Empire home, and is not working with a Realtor, we can refer one of our preferred Realtors to the buyer. In exchange for this referral, the Realtor agrees to list the prospect’s existing home at a reduced commission. We will add the Realtor to the new home contract at a commission equal to the reduced commission of the existing home. The commission on our home will not exceed 3% of the purchase price of our home.