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What’s in Season? Fruits & Veggies to Eat in Spring

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You’ve probably heard about eating seasonally, but may not know why it’s important or how to actually do it. It can be confusing to know what’s in season when we have access to almost every type of fruit and vegetable year-round at the grocery store. Eating seasonally encourages you to vary what you eat and purchase produce that simply tastes better because it’s at its peak ripeness. What’s more, when you’re eating in accordance with nature you can purchase locally and support your community as well.

If you have no idea where to start, here’s an easy list to get you through the next few months. You can also check out Foodland Ontario’s seasonal produce guide for a yearly breakdown of what to buy.



  • Apples (March-June)
  • Cherries (May-August)
  • Rhubarb (March-June)
  • Strawberries (May-June)


  • Asparagus (May-June)
  • Beans (May-June)
  • Beets (March-April)
  • Broccoli (May-June)
  • Cabbage (March-April)
  • Carrots (March-April)
  • Cucumber (May-June)
  • Kale (May-June)
  • Lettuce (May-June)
  • Mushrooms (March-June)
  • Green Onions (May-June)
  • Red and Yellow Onions (March-April)
  • Parsnips (March-April)
  • Potatoes (March-June)
  • Radishes (May-June)
  • Rutabaga (March-June)
  • Spinach (May-June)
  • Squash (March-April)
  • Sweet Potatoes (March-June)


Support local growers

Warmer weather also means farmer’s markets begin to crop up. In addition to supporting local farmers this also ensures the fruits and veggies you eat have traveled less, been picked fresh and are of a higher quality than what you’d typically find in store. Use the Farmers’ Markets of Ontario map to find the farmers market closest to your home.


Get it delivered

Another wonderful option that takes the guesswork out of buying seasonal is a home delivery service. With varying prices, free shipping and customizable orders, delivery of fresh fruits and veggies from a service such as Mama Earth means you get consistent access to good quality produce without having to put much thought into it.


Our favourite seasonal recipes

Now that you’ve bought all the local goodies on your seasonal shopping list, it’s time to start creating healthy and fresh meals for your family. Here are some of our favourite April and May meals to put those groceries to good use.