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Development Permit System, Main Street in Brampton


In 2007, revisions to the Planning Act sparked a big buzz in the planning and development world. These changes allowed municipalities to implement a Development Permit System (DPS) for particular areas. Intended to replace zoning and the site plan approvals process, which can often be lengthy and lack transparency, the DPS will provide clear and unchanging guidelines for the permitted land uses, heights and densities of new developments. Recently, Brampton introduced its first Development Permit System to manage growth in the downtown area along Main Street North.
Approved in 2012, the new by-law finished the appeal process at the end of 2015 and is now ready to be implemented for any future development. The Development Permit System affects a section of Main Street North between Church Street and Vodden Street which has been receiving a multitude of redevelopment applications since 2007. The municipality saw this as a perfect opportunity to make their intentions of the area clear through a DPS.
The by-law allows Brampton planning staff to better balance a mix of historical preservation and new development, improving transparency and streamlining the approval process. A short trip from our Lakeside Community, the new DPS will determine the way this bustling stretch of Brampton develops over time, providing a framework for commercial and residential uses.


The DPS distinguishes several sub-areas with distinct characteristics that make the cities’ land use intentions apparent. The north and south ends of the DPS Area are identified as gateways and encourages more intensive commercial and residential development. Moving toward the center of the DPS area, medium density development is permitted and serves as a transition between the gateway and the historic commercial area. Areas not fronting onto Main Street are categorized as historic residential areas and are intended to retain their current character and use.
Following the implementation of the Main Street North DPS, Brampton plans to establish another by-law for a stretch along Queen Street West that is undergoing a similar transition. If you wish to find out more about the Development Permit System in Brampton, contact the Central Area Planners for the Main Street North DPS.