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Community Infrastructure at its Best: The New Humber River Hospital


Having grown-up immersed in the development and building industry I have always found myself involved in local, community based initiatives. For me, it’s very rewarding to see the impact that Empire can have in the communities in which we build. Not only by providing well-built quality homes but also through helping and supporting local organizations from hockey teams to Santa Claus parades. Recently I was approached by the Humber River Hospital and have been proud to be part of the recent opening of its NEW state of the art hospital.

North America’s first fully digital hospital will re-write patient care history with its state of the art medical equipment and digital technologies. And what I truly love about this hospital, is that the technology is not planned and in place for technology’s sake but for the sole purpose of improving patient care and the patient experience. Yes, the technology and lean and green design features make this hospital a world-class facility, but more importantly, we have an optimal patient experience, better diagnosis, faster recoveries and shorter hospital stays.

As one of Canada’s largest infrastructure projects in recent times at over 1.8 million sq.ft with a value of $1.75 billion, Humber River Hospital represents how years of planning, design and hard work, can culminate with a final product that truly benefits the greater community, the greater Toronto region and finally Canada. Even though the hospital in principle services the catchment area of northwest Toronto with over 850,000 residents, the direct and indirect benefits of the hospital’s world class patient care, learning and innovative medical technologies will most definitely pay it forward to the Greater Toronto region and Canada for years to come.

Technological advancement is demonstrated through the creation of “Portals of Care”, allowing patients and visitors to easily reach their particular clinic areas. The new facility also boosts to having the 2nd largest green roof and 100% daily air circulation. Furthermore, 80% of the rooms are single-patient rooms. The list of firsts and features goes on; please take a moment to view a short video that I produced demonstrating an abridged tour of the hospital I took with Heather Hurst, president & CEO of HRH Foundation, days before it opened.

Although the hospital has opened its doors, they have not yet crossed the fundraising finish line. The $225M fundraising campaign currently underway provides financial support for the purchase of over 55,000 pieces of equipment, technology and furnishings not funded by the provincial government. Please consider joining me in support of

the Humber River Hospital at the forefront of medical innovation and patient care in our community. To donate, request more information or a personal tour, please visit Thank you.