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Your new home will require some seasonal maintenance to ensure it continues to run smoothly. Here are a few tips from the experts on our Customer Care team that will help lower your utility bills and protect your biggest investment. Download our Summer Maintenance Checklist and never miss a step again.


Air Conditioning Unit

  • As important as getting your car tuned, your A/C needs to be tuned to inspect and prevent any unwanted emergencies. The tune up is used to inspect refrigerant levels, which is important for your A/C to keep running cool and keep your summer electric bills low, as well as to ensure your fan is functioning well, your coils are thoroughly cleaned and there are no potential fire hazards with faulty wiring. During these hot summer months, be sure to clean your A/C filter monthly to ensure it continues to work effectively.


General Maintenance

  • Windows and Doors – Caulk any gaps around the windows and doorframes. Make sure all windows open easily when unlocked. Don’t forget to check your locks on all exterior doors and windows.
  • Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors (monthly).


Lawn Care

  • Fertilize lawn – late Spring/early Summer is the ideal time to fertilize your lawn. Avoid fertilizing it during the summer months. If your lawn isn’t as lush as you had hoped, applying extra fertilizer in the heat of summer can burn your lawn.
  • Sharper Mower Blades – A dull mower blade tears grass, creating ragged, brown edges that provide an opening for disease organisms. The rule of thumb is that a sharp blade lasts for 10 hours of mowing. Consider purchasing a second blade so you’ll always have a sharp blade at the ready.


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For nearly 40 years, Tarion has provided new home owners piece of mind through home warranty coverage and protection. They also offer guidance on protecting your investment through regular maintenance, which ensures your warranty protection remains valid and you home, protected. We recommend watching their ‘Maintaining Your New Home’ video above, where they take you through the essentials of caring for your new home.


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