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From traditional workspaces to multi-purpose rooms, discover how to create a better WFH environment.

We expect more from our homes now than ever before. It isn’t enough for a space to only be aesthetically pleasing; it needs to be multi-functional as well. With more companies and businesses around the globe instructing their employees to work remote, it should come as no surprise that we are seeing a rise of dedicated workstations in our homes. Technology has brought about the death of the traditional nine-to-five job; staff no longer need to sit in a large boardroom to connect with coworkers, and a quick email or Zoom chat is all it takes to talk business with someone across the country.

And while some may argue in favour of the separation of church and state, there’s a lot to say about the benefit of working from the comfort of your own home. A non-existent commute is perhaps the greatest perk, as is all the money saved on transportation costs. And as livelihoods continue to become ever more dependent on technology, it’s realistic to say that the humble home office is here to stay.

The key to working from home, no matter the circumstances, is to create a focused-friendly space. For some, a hard-working desk tucked into the corner of a room is more than enough; for others, a dedicated study space built into the architecture of the home is a must-have. And it’s not just the professionals in search of space to spread out — even the kids desire an area where they can hunker down and get to their online learning.

For the Serious Student

Whether it’s prepping for logging in to an online class or studying for the finals, the serious student spends a lot of time at their desk, so it’s important for their workspace to feel as personal to them as the rest of the home. A charcoal accent wall defines the working area, while fun space-saving solutions maximize functionality: a pair of articulating wall sconces provide illumination without monopolizing surface space, while a metal grid affixed to the wall takes advantage of vertical space and offers opportunities for organization or to display creativity.

For the Creative Connoisseur

A space that serves a dual purpose is best suited for the creative connoisseur of any age. Often situated in a communal room and not so obviously a workspace, this surface area offers the flexibility needed to encourage craftiness. It’s the perfect space to work on a puzzle, let your imagine run wild with paint and canvas, or dream up a structure out of recycled materials.

For the Stay-at-Home Hustler

If you’re just getting your foot in the door or at the height of your career, the stay-at-home hustler needs a space that’s as industrious as you are. Ample privacy for conference calls, luxe finishes to keep inspired and sufficient storage space for gadgets and paperwork make the den the go-to spot for sending emails or filing taxes.


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