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Named in honor of King George III’s wife, Charlotte, the affectionately-nicknamed Queen City is rich in its charms, with lush parks, a thriving social scene, ample arts and sport entertainment venues, employment opportunities and more. With so much in its favor, it isn’t hard to see why Charlotte stands as the third-fastest growing city in the United States. Read on to discover seven reasons why so many are moving to Charlotte, and why you’ll love living here.

1. It’s Perfectly Placed

Can’t decide whether you want to be in a city that’s close to water or a city that’s close to nature? Move to Charlotte and you won’t have to choose. The Queen City is located in the middle of the state, with a two-hour drive to the mountains and a three-hour drive to the beach. Charlotte also enjoys another geographic advantage: with summer temperatures reaching a warm 90 degrees and mild winters that rarely dip below 30 degrees, it’s the perfect city for those who love to spend time outdoors year-round.

2. It Has Excellent Transit

No matter where you need to go, Charlotte’s ever-expanding public transit system is working to get you there. The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) aims to connect its light-rail Lynx line to all major areas of the city by 2030, including providing easy access to the airport. And speaking of airports, the Charlotte Douglas International airport is the second largest airport on the East Coast and the largest American Airlines hub in the country, making it easy to hop on a domestic or international flight.

3. It Has a Thriving Sports Scene

Sports enthusiasts have their choice of teams to cheer for in Charlotte, with football’s Carolina Panthers, basketball’s Charlotte Hornets, baseball’s Charlotte Knights and minor-league hockey’s Charlotte Checkers all calling the city home. The city’s thriving sports scene means it’s often on the list for large sporting events like the PGA Golf Championship, NBA All-Star Game, Wells Fargo Golf Tournament and Belk Bowl Game, as well as NASCAR events thanks to its motor speedway and drag strip.

4. It’s a Heaven for Foodies

Whether it’s grabbing a drink with friends or patronizing that hot new restaurant that everyone’s been talking about, Charlotte is home to over 30 breweries and countless award-winning restaurants to try for date night or an evening out with the kids. 300 East, Basil and Barrington’s are just a few of our local favorites.

5. It’s Rich in Opportunity

Ranking second in the United States for economic growth and among the nation’s top 10 locations for start-up companies, Charlotte is rich in professional growth opportunities. The city is home to several Fortune 500 companies and is the second largest financial banking center in the nation, trailing New York City.

6. It Has Southern Charm

Charlotteans know they have it all — including a well-deserved reputation for being home to some of the friendliest people. Whether you’re spending time uptown or unwinding in one of the city’s lush parks, know that a visit to Charlotte means both the city and its people will charm you.

7. It’s Affordable

If all that Charlotte has to offer in terms of dining, entertainment, recreation and employment opportunity hasn’t sold you on why you’ll love living here, then perhaps this will: Charlotte is one of the most affordable cities on the East Coast, and has a cost of living that’s 2% lower than the national average. No matter what you’re looking for, the Queen City has something for everyone.

Ready to make the move to Charlotte? Explore where we build to find the community that’s right for you.

Image courtesy of Charlotte’s Got a Lot (park).


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