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Which design style resonates most with you? Take a look at the top four design styles we used to decorate our professionally-staged units at Empire Maven — our boutique and luxury residence on Avenue Road — to gather inspiration for your own home-decorating journey. Once you’ve purchased your dream home, you’ll have a catalog of beautiful design styles to draw upon.

1. Timeless and Contemporary

This Timeless and Contemporary look makes a space feel luxurious yet comfortable at the same time. With this design, the majority of furniture is kept neutral, while simple accessories add texture and contrast to each room. This way, the home is left bright and airy, bringing attention to the design elements or decor pieces that owners want to showcase most like architectural details or artwork. It’s best suited to someone who has a more neutral design aesthetic and avoids cluttered spaces.

2. Mid-Century Modern

Clean lines, muted tones and natural materials are the foundation of any Mid-Century Modern home. In this particular Maven suite, retro-tinged decor and bold pops of colour create an alluring interior design, while a mix of metallics add depth to its neutral palette. In addition to abstract artwork featured throughout, a combination of wood tones gives the space its distinguished and eclectic look while warming up each room. This Mid-Century Modern look is the right design style for those who tend to favour cooler tones, and are looking to create some drama in their home.

3. Classic and Sophisticated

Classic, sophisticated and bold all at once, this particular design style has withstood the test of time, making it the perfect choice for your future home. In this Maven suite, warm ivories, brass metals and navy blue accents were used to create a uniform and cohesive space as residents move from room to room. Velvet furniture is used in combination with patterned pillows and rugs to produce a curated look, with a high-end feel. If you want an interior design that feels elevated but prioritizes comfort at the same time, our Classic and Sophisticated design style is right for you.

4. Clean and Modern

This clean and modern home came to life using a simple colour palette with contrasting accents and nostalgic decor pieces. With modern design as the main inspiration, the home features stone finishes, light hardwood and grey millwork. A mix of light neutrals — including beige, cream and white — were used in various textures to brighten the space and welcome warmth into each room. To create contrast and balance within the space, bold pops of black were incorporated through smaller furniture pieces. This design style aligns with those who want their home to make a statement, but are looking for a more modern look overall.

Interested in living at Maven? Learn more about our move-in ready suites and limited release of townhomes, starting from the low $2 millions. Don’t forget to tour our available inventory at our open house each weekend from 12pm – 3pm. Please note: The new sales office is located at 414 Brookdale Avenue. Street parking is available on Brookdale Avenue and along Avenue Road.


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